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  1. Sir, I believe that I did it right. When I created the db I gave it the name of "MyDB" with a user name "Myname" and a password of "Myname". Then I made sure the config.php has the right $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbname = 'MyDB'; $dbuname = 'Myname'; I then made sure I gave full rights to the root and the DB. So I guess you are saying to make everything "root" and that should fix my problem... Also I did make the DB using phpMyadmin through the Uniform Server. Thanks Copper
  2. I too am having problems.. I can go to http://localhost/a/ and get the Uniform Server 3.2a running then I go to Run MySQL Server. I can see W running in My Computer. I can even go to the W:\www\index.html and the W:\www\test.php but when I go to http://localhost/install.php I get an error message(You are not authorized to view this page). I even tried W:\www\install.php but that opens dreamweaver. I read where that doesnt work, but I tried it. I created a db and made sure the config.php has the right $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbname = 'MyDB'; $dbuname = 'Myname'; Any help is appreciated in what I am doing wrong.... Copper
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