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  1. thedoo

    Update MySQL help

    Yep that was it, thought I was supposed to copy the new libmysql.dll over. Copied the original back and it fixed it. Displays the right version too. Thanks for the help.
  2. thedoo

    Update MySQL help

    I recently downloaded the 5_2 Uniserver, and updated phpMyAdmin to and tried to update MySQL to 5.1.40 after reading through some of the upgrading posts on here. I thought I had it all set up right, but now everytime I go to phpMyAdmin, the Apache server crashes. Here's the error: [notice] EACCELERATOR(1632): PHP crashed on opline 5 of mysqli_fetch_array() at D:\UniServer\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\libraries\dbi\mysqli.dbi.lib.php:233 Any ideas?
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