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  1. Hi, I use UniformServer for use at home, at office, at different locations. At office, my workstation has php standart distribution installed (an old 5.3.3). When I use UniformServer (6.1.4 on fast USB stick) on that workstation (Win7x64), apache2 php 5handler (php5apache2_2.dll) load the bad php5ts.dll (from zend php install of workstation). Uniform Server apache/php use the good php.ini (configured in httpd.conf->PHPIniDir), the good extensions except the php5ts.dll taken from default php install (at office a php 5.3.3 in c:\php) and not from UniformServer (php 5.3.5) To always load the php5ts.dll from uniform server (even if there is another php5ts.dll in PATH env or in Windows directory) the php5ts.dll should be moved to Apache\bin directory (And not in PHP dir). Thanks, Tested with different uniformserver versions
  2. Hi, very good software ! Subversion plugin and project/bug manager (trac, redmine,bugzilla, flyspray...) plugins could be great. I had spotted a problem (idem for other wamp solutions) : If there's a system wide php install when you use Uniform on this workstation php try to load the php.ini from system php installation (eg c:\windows\php.ini or php.ini specified in registry). You should force the load of the Uniform's php.ini (command line switch or custom compil). Thanks
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