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  1. test results show that apache is not running. but i have started Start.exe in uniform server directory, and than from the menu, i clicked "start apache" or sth like that, but i guess nothing happened... either i'm doing things wrong or windows is blocking the program. i will see if there's some blocking or sth like that. any other sugestions?
  2. no errors are reported, cmd opens some stuff happen, it tells me to press any key, i press return, on firefox, a page opens that says uniform server, than it forwards me to http://localhost, it doesn't work
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded the uniform server file. than i pasted it in c:\ i ran start.exe, tray started, everything looks fine. than i run firefox, type localhost, and hit return, and it just doesn't work. what should i do? i had xampp installed before, it was working fine, one day i turned my laptop on, it didn't work. just seconds ago i uninstalled it and got uniform instead. it doesn't work either os: windows vista home premium service pack 1 (language: turkish) computer: acer aspire 8920 thanks!
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