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  1. No I am sure it is me that is having the dim moment! When I go to google translage, I am getting a 404 error. I guess I am kind of confused by my host. They said they changed the IP address back on my two working domains but left the site1, site2 on the new IP address. I think what is happening is they have two IP addresses assigned to my machine. The old IP address works just fine with my current working domains. The new one does not. When I try a request using the new IP address I get the 404 error and I don't see any info in the access logs. Which makes me think the new IP is not directed at my server but some other server. This is just a hypothesis though. Thanks for bearing with me on this. I really do appreciate the help.
  2. Ric, Thanks again for your response. I am not sure I understand what you are telling me to do. Am I downloading 5.3 Nano so that I can turn it off and then try the IP to see if it still returns a 404 error? If it does, then we know that it is hitting the wrong server? Or are you testing to see if the server is working at all? I know my server is working now because it is still serving pages for two separate domains just fine. And the server is redirecting using the vhost file for those two domains. Thanks for your help
  3. Ric, Thanks for taking the time to respond. That is all really helpful. I have tried to do the IP test and I get 404 errors. But when I look at the access logs it isn't logging any requests. I am wondering if possibly the host setup the wrong mapping in the firewall so it isn't hitting my server but someone else's server that is behind the same firewall. Is there anyway to check this? here is my httpd.conf file NameVirtualHost * <VirtualHost *> ServerName site1.exampleurl.com DocumentRoot c:/UniServerX.X/www/theme1 </VirtualHost> Any other hints or ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks again
  4. Here is my problem I am trying to setup some virtual hosting for a couple of development sites. I had to contact my dns host and my host to allow wildcards. They said they would have to change my IP to do this (not sure why) but they changed my IP address and they added new wildcards to the DNS records (site1. and site2. etc.) I had virtual hosts setup and working with my main domains before the move to a new IP. After they moved the IP, nothing worked. I looked at my Apache access log files and I didn't see any activity on port 80, which makes me think that possibly something is wrong in the firewall or in the dns records. Or possibly the new IP address just isn't directed to the right server. My hosts swears everything is correct and says since we are getting 404 errors the request is making it all the way to the server. So, if the requests are making its way to the server, why don't I see this in the access files? Is there some other reason that Apache wouldn't be seeing these requests on Port 80? Like I said, before the move the server was functional and working great for years. I had my hosts change everything back and wala it works again. Is there something else I need to change in the configuration to allow requests from a different IP? I have the NameVirtualHost * so it should accept all IP addresses, right? Any help would be appreciated.
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