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  1. OK That sounds good.


    Check the paths in


    In particular DocumentRoot

    Note: If your real path contains a space it will kill the servers.


    If all paths are written correctly you should be ready to go.


    All the best

    Ric :)

    I checked every path in there and they seem to be correct but yet it still has the same performance issue. If it is not on the root of C it does not stop the apache processes/service or the mysql service. When it is on the root of C it works just fine.

  2. Looks like it’s not an issue with the main components. :)

    The server is dynamic, first checks server location if moved to a different folder rewrites all absolute paths accordingly.


    Server runs function get_location_tracker()

    Located in file UniServer\unicon\main\includes\functions.php


    If for any reason the function is not run paths remain as original installation.


    Just wondering is something prevents the PHP CLI script from running.


    All the best

    Ric :)

    One thing that I did notice is that the my.ini is getting changed with the new paths so that part of it seems to be working.

  3. Sorry to be bringing up an old subject but it is happening again.


    I recently upgraded to windows 7 64 and the batch files you had me create before are no longer working. I tried the newest version of the uniform server and it works but I am getting the same as before. The services and processes are not stopping when I try to uninstall them from the unitray. I have done some troubleshooting and have found that for some odd reason the uniform server will work completely if I put it on the root of the C drive (C:\UniServer). Everything works. The services get stopped and deleted, the processes stop and go away, everything just works. If I move the server to a new drive or new folder not on the root of C, everything breaks again. Is there some file I need to edit to point the server to the new location?

  4. After running Service_Stop_Uninstall.bat I get this

    MySQL is not installed as a service


    Apache service ApacheS1 was not running

    UnInstalling Apache Service ApacheS1 ...

    Removing the ApacheS1 service

    The ApacheS1 service has been removed successfully.


    Press any key to continue . . .


    I looked at the services and it is still running even though it says it was removed successfully. Also it says MySQL is not installed as a service but it is. It looks like it didn't get rid of that service either.

  5. I am on Vista 64 Ultimate and have noticed with the 3 versions of Uniserver I have tested, up to 5.3, that when choosing the option to uninstall the Apache service it always stays running and I have to stop the service manually. I don't know what kind of information you need but the MySQL service seems to stop just fine. It is always just the apache service.

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