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  1. tomk358

    [Solved] php includes

    Ah! Thanks so much.
  2. tomk358

    [Solved] php includes

    Ok, so I've got index.php in the body of that document I have the following: <? include("topnav.php");?> Then I have topnav.php with just some text to test. When I view index.php on localhost through uniserver, it doesn't include the content from topnav.php, as it would on my ISP's webserver. Ideas?
  3. I have a site that I'm trying to run locally with uniform server, and am having issues. For some reason I can't get my include() statements in php to work. They just come through as text, rather than get interpreted as php scripts. The includes are all .php files. I tried adding "allow_url_include = on" to both the php.ini file in my site's top directory, and adding it to the main php.ini, but neither worked. I tried running uniserver as a service, and as a process, that also didn't work. Any ideas?
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