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  1. Why did the Nano developers set magic_quotes_gpc On in php.ini both for development and production versions? Magic quotes feature is deprecated in php 5.3, http://www.php.net/magic_quotes I think it would be better to set it Off in both development and production php.ini files.
  2. I raised this issue on the PmWiki support list. The developers say that there is a problem with the PHP 5.3 crypt function, which seems to hang indefinitely when called with a "salt" parameter. $password = crypt('Some_pass'); # works $password = crypt('Some_pass', '*'); # hangs This happens on Windows only, linux and mac leopard don't hang. This may suggest that updating Mona to php 5.3 may not work for a number of installations. This issue is tracked and discussed at http://pmwiki.org/wiki/PITS/01141.
  3. Hi, Mona_5_1 apache consistently hangs here on some pages. Typically it doesn't hang when the page is first displayed, but if I reload the page one or a few times, then it hangs. Other times it hangs if the page is POSTing a request. The steps to make it hang aren't 100% deterministic, but repeating page reloads eventually leads to hanging. I replaced the entire php folder with the Mona_5_0 php folder (php 5.2.10) and there is no hanging whatsoever. Platform: Windows XP Pro SP3. Could the Mona_5_1 php build be defective? I'm going to further check my page php code for possible incompatibilities with php 5.3.0 - in the meantime if someone is experiencing similar problems, try php 5.2.10.
  4. Hmm, how does it explain why Start.exe fails starting UniTray1.exe? I don't get it. However, this info does help me to understand the other issue I reported regarding my out-of-the-box experience. Suggestion: add the contents of location_tracker.txt to the informative output of UniTray 'Server Status' entry. That would help diagnose startup issues like the ones I described in another thread.
  5. I thought it worked that way, but I wasn't sure. It's smart and it should work, but it didn't in my case, the folder change was not detected, I wonder why. So, given a working installation in folder x:\test, if I move x:\test\UniServer to y:\test2\UniServer will it detect the new root and update all absolute paths? You're right, but possibly the issue is elsewhere, perhaps it's because Start.exe::UniTray.ini starts php-win.exe directly? [Individual_unicontrol] Type: item; Caption: "Start Apache Server"; Action: shellexecute; FileName: "%PHP%\php-win.exe"; Parameters: " -n %ServerConMain%\start_servers.php 1"; Glyph: 9 Also please consider removing EXIT from the .bat files.
  6. Hi, this is meant to be constructive criticism. I upgraded from UniServer 4.3 to 5.1 expecting an improved out-of-the-box experience, but it wasn't, for a number of reasons. TIP for first-time users: unpack the distribution into C:\Nano_5_1 and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. Bottom line, I don't think that Nano_5_1 can run from any folder - as the readme.txt file boasts. It must be unpacked into C:\Nano_5_1 otherwise apache won't start at all. Choosing any other folder will not work because the default httpd.conf configuration file which requires C:\Nano_5_1 as the installation folder. The documentation should clearly spell out this limitation, because it isn't easy to find out - unless, of course, one has prior experience. Another issue is that the one-click Start.exe mechanism provides insufficient feedback as to what goes wrong. Try unpacking Nano_5_1 to folder C:\test, then go to C:\test\UniServer and run Start.exe. Click the UniTray1.exe icon and select Individual-Server-Control/Start-Apache - a couple of console windows quicky flash by. Apache doesn't start. You're left to wonder what happened. This isn't a good user experience. You should consider adding a PAUSE statement to the batch files. Could you also remove the EXIT statements from the batch files? They force closing the console window, whic is an issue if someone - like me- tries to run Start_Servers.bat from the command line to read error messages. The command line window closes immediately. You could substitute EXIT with GOTO :EOF. This will terminate the batch file without closing the console window. :EOF is an implicit label, no need to declare it. When the console window closed on me and I still didn't know why apache wasn't starting, I opened another console window, went to folder alternative_control, looked at Start_Servers.bat and typed " ..\usr\local\php\php.exe -n ..\unicon\main\start_servers.php", so I was finally able to read what went wrong (What went wrong: apache couldn't find C:\Nano_5_1 - of course, since I had unpacked into C:\test because the readme.txt file said that I could unpack anywhere). Having to run php.exe -n ... to find out what went wrong isn't good user experience, I think. But UniServer might provide simpler ways to tell me why apache isn't running, I don't know, this is the only way I could find. The Server-Status entry in UniTray menu doesn't tell me WHY, it only tells me that apache isn't running. BTW, my IP address is - but the script incorrectly outputs ================== UNIFORM SERVER STATUS ================== Your Internet IP Address = Accessible from Internet = NO PHP INI: php.ini file = Production I hope the developers will be able to improve the out-of-the-box experience because series 5.x is such a step forward vs. series 4.x - I really like what I've seen so far, even if it's a rougher ride than I expected... Thanks to the developers.
  7. Hi, has anyone tried running Nano_5_1 Start.exe from a junctioned folder? It fails starting UniTray1.exe without any error message. Reproduce by: - download uniserver 5.1 main zip file, unpack into folder v:\test. no perl or addons necessary, just the zip file - create a junction (use sysinternal's junction.exe or other tools) from C:\Nano_5_1\UniServer to v:\test\UniServer - go to to C:\Nano_5_1\UniServer and run Start.exe => UniTray not started - now go to V:\test\UniServer and run Start.exe => UniTray started (OK) Here V:\ is a substituted drive (SUBST.EXE V: J:\APP) but I don't think that matters, I think only the junction matters. platform: uniserver 5.1, Windows XP Pro SP3 edit: I tried running Start_UniTray.bat directly in a similar setup. It also silently fails starting UniTray1.exe.
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