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  1. I got everything except the last part, were is the script located? And I would add www.thecliquemob.com (my domain) as a virtual host, right? EDIT: Everything seems to be working fine! Thank you for you help guys!
  2. I forwarded it and it was fine, excpet the adress bar still displayed http://myip/whatever/index.php When I masked it, if i typed in http://thedomainibought/whatever/index.php it would take me to my home page, currently the apache test page. Instead of the real /whatever/. If I do the second way (I do have a static IP) will just editing the host file do that? I have looked into using my own nameserver, but I'm 100% clueless on this too. Thank you for the help.
  3. Hi, I am using this server software on a spare computer at my house. I can access it from anywhere, and it is working great. I recently bought a domain and was wondering how I can point it to my server?
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