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  1. Danny That is exactly what I need to do. I have tried modifying the htacess file. When I did this I could see the front end and backend of Joomla on other machines but parts of it were missing. When I tried to log into the backend the "IE can't display this page" message came up. Any ideas why this might happen? If you need some screen shots I will post them. Thanks for the reply James
  2. Hi all I am just starting with Joomla and Uniform Server and really need some help. Everything runs fine in local host with beta version and newest joomla. I have also tried version 4.3 of Universal server. I nave tried changing the configuration.php file in my joomla directory and have commented out in the Htaccess file. I have searched for a couple of days trying to make this work. Even though I would think this would be a common thing to do (let folks work on parts of a web page) the information is very scattered. I am on a home network using Windows Workgroups. Having used Frontpage for awhile I am excited by what I see in Joomla but really need to be able to work on this website from other computers. I have read every post I can find on this and other forums. Thanks for you help. James
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