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  1. I reinstalled server, now it works:) yeah, I think it is not allowed for me as user to make settings for router.
  2. thanx for advice, I will try it. problem is now that I get always redirect.html when I try to start my server, so it doesn't function anymore. If I type localhost, I get: F:\UniServer\home\admin\www\redirect.html and after 1 second it is forwarding to http://localhost/index.php it means firefox can't connect to the server. I don't know why I get this redirect page, possibly I changed something but I don't know what.
  3. I tried with changing of my F:\UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf : but without result. http://primer.ingorelist.com still don't show my website in local server. I am sure crowd of you succeeded to do it, so why everyone wait on administrator of forum to answer? write several sentences, it is not sooo hard.
  4. Hi, I must ask question, I don't understand how it is function. I started my UniformServer, just to work, and I checked my installed websites, in www folder and it works, in localhost. then I would like to visit my local server from internet, in fact my website located in my home/local/uniform server. I registered myself at FreeDNS and DynDNS. for example, at FreeDNS I created subdomain: primer.ingorelist.com I chose: A, and included my IP address. I checked also wildcard, TTL was for subscribers only. later I type in my firefox http://primer.ignorelist.com and I get: the same case with DynDNS. well, I must say that I installed UniformServer at my USB and I try to use it at university, it means IP address can be from main computer, I think my default server is itsrv.kvl.dk and address: but I never see at any free DNS possiblity to type there, always I got chance just to type so, I suppose if I use local computer, among many in network, I can't come from internet into my local server/website if I didn't type anywhere my local address in faculty network: can someone explain me how to come into my website, which is located in my USB in local computer in network in faculty, from internet. if it is important, I think faculty use static IP address. http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip.cgi gave me next information: and look up dns gave me this: Look up DNS records for a given host or domain. can I use all this information to (somehow) do what I want?
  5. hey, I tried now again, installation of Joomla from beginning, and Sample Data was installed:) there was no error like before, although i didn't do anything different than before. ups, in fact, first trying was with joomla demo for real estate template, and second trying was with clean joomla 1.5.14. maybe first trying was with old joomla.
  6. this is solved: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...entry7556
  7. ohohoho:):) I did everything like you said, now IT WORKS! THANX!
  8. maybe because your server is not "just installed" like mine. you made preconfiguration. thanx foir link, I will try to follow it when I repair my server, in the meantime I tried ti install Kepler and BADmin and now I can't open anymore phpmyadmin. but I watched text at link and I did before everything except I didn''t switch to production before I started server: Switch to production, Left click tray icon > Advanced > click php.ini switch to Production. I think problem is that still I have fresh installed server, without any plugin, and now when I tried to install plugins, I can't open phpmyadmin. hm, I succeeded now to open phpmyadmin after I changed "safe mode" to be ON and I didn't switch to production.
  9. Hi, I just try to install newest Joomla CMS in my Uniformserver, and after database, I came to point to enter the name of website, my email and admin password, but there is also: Install Default Sample Data - Installing sample data is strongly recommended for beginners. This will install sample content that is included in the Joomla! installation package. when I click Install sample data, I get error, as pop up window: Error: the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid. what should I do to correct this error? without this sample data, everything is empty in Joomla, I must publish manually everything and it makes for me bigger job. plus I don't have check fields beside unpublished articles.
  10. Hi, this is my first time to do things like this. I wanted to test my site from internet in my uniformserver. I downloaded my site folders and database, I imported database and now I should change paths in configuration file of Joomla. yesterday I didn't succeed, therefore I try now again and I ask for advice. I suppose this path should be changed: var $log_path = '/home/vol5/07x.net/blabla/htdocs/amb/logs'; var $tmp_path = '/home/vol5/07x.net/blabla/htdocs/amb/tmp'; here is my path (as you see, "F" means that I installed uniformserver in my USB): F:\UniServer\www\ambasada\amb\logs F:\UniServer\www\ambasada\amb\tmp 1) so, what should I write in: var $log_path = ' var $tmp_path = ' I suppose I should change and this: var $dbtype = 'mysql'; var $host = 'sql108.07x.net'; var $user = 'blabla'; var $db = 'blabla_test'; 2) here is what I think: var $dbtype = 'mysql'; var $host = 'localhost'; var $user = 'root'; var $db = 'vebsajt'; var $password = 'Olala'; user in my database in uniformserver is "root", so I suppose instead of "blabla" it should be "root". database name in my uniformserver is "vebsajt", that's name which I created when i imported database from my website into uniformserver. I made root password for database in uniformserver the same as I had in website, for example Olala. so is this all what should I do in order that my transfering of website function normal in my uniformserver? I did it yesterday and I didn't have success. I think I did everything what is necessary: http://kb.siteground.com/article/How_to_tr...to_another.html and just one more question: how to set my uniformserver to be activated in Firefox instead to be activated in Internet Explorer? when I start uniformserver, it is activating in IE and I hate IE yeah, here is what I get: file:///F:/UniServer/www/ambasada/amb/index.php
  11. Hi, I am newbie about home servers and I installed on my USB the newest version of UniformServer. path look like this for example: F:\UniServer\www when I wanted to import database file in mysql, I used phpmyadmin, and I imported waht i wanted, but there was message, highlited, and I don't know how to change it to be correct: as I said, I didn't have any problem, but I would like to make it correct. where should I look and what to change in order that I don't get this warning anymore? this warning I see in phpmyadmin, when I click Import tab. I have some more question but it is for php section, I didn't succeed, after transfer of my website from internet to uniformserver, to make it to work. yeah, but I can ask here for mysql: I downloaded mysql file from my website and imported in my Uniserver database. of course, in internet, I had database name "blabla" and in Uniserver I used phpmyadmin to create database with name "vebsajt". So, before I imported database file I opened file and found host and name of database and changed to be like this: Host: localhost (in internet it was different. I had there to make concretely name of host) Database: `vebsajt` (in internet it was "blabla") so I suppose if I created in Uniformserver database "vebsajt" I should change in imported file mentioned lines. so I think I did correct? is there something more? password of database? next step is to make path in php configuration file of Joomla in order to transfer my site from internet to UniformServer successfully. but that question I will ask in php section of forum, because I didn't succeed.
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