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  1. "Note: Drupal supports MyISAM and InnoDB table types. NDB tables (MySQL Cluster) are not supported." From http://drupal.org/requirements. Drupal 5.x, 6.x, 7.x requirements page. And my uniformserver was not set up this way, thus the original question. I did as outlined above and D7 loaded just fine.


    Yup, I just installed Drupal 7 a minute ago and can confirm that nothing broke after ALTERing all the tables to ENGINE=MyISAM.

  2. Hi Ric,


    Your solution works like a charm -- very clever. Upon further inspection I was wrong: there WAS a cmd.exe process running that was reponsible for the infinite loop, so if you kill both cmd.exe and unidelay.exe then unidelay.exe is gone for good. However, I sometimes run several cmd.exe windows and don't want to accidently kill one of them, so your solution is safer :).


    Now did you want to update the cron installation instructions in the wiki? If not, I can do it on your behalf.




    P.S. I noticed that the current instructions to run run_cron.bat just below :END was causing unidelay.exe to run every time, even when Server_Start.bat errors out (e.g., servers already running), so I'm going to move run_cron.bat just below :NOTFOUND, right before the virtual drive logic:


    echo  Starting Drupal cron ...............
    start udrive\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe run_cron.bat



  3. Hi Ric,


    Good one :).


    I'm running unidelay.exe from the run_cron.bat as given by the instructions here:




    Here is my run_cron.bat file:


    udrive\home\admin\program\unidelay.exe 3600
    udrive\usr\local\php\php.exe -n udrive\www\drupal\run_cron.php
    goto :next

    I'm not running unidelay.exe from anywhere else. I noticed that after I stop Uniserver with Stop.bat, the unidelay.exe process is still kicking it, so I went to manually kill it, but it rises from the dead again after about a minute (even though I set my delay to 3600 seconds). In fact, I only noticed this after I added instructions to "pv.exe -k -f unidelay.exe" in Stop.bat. I'm pulling my hair trying to determine what the heck is restarting it because I'm looking at my process list and there's no process related to Uniserver that's running after you run Stop.bat (cmd.exe is also not running). Yeah, unidelay is gone for good after a reboot.


    Are you able to reproduce this? Try recreating the batch from above and runnining it. I'm using the latest Uniserver: 4.3.


    Tom *pulling his hair out*

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