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  1. I'd like to add Python support to ZeroXI (a modular system). The module isn't readily available for download so what do I do to add this support?
  2. Hi Ric, I have tried the instruction but I kept on getting the message: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /us_opt1/index.php on this server." I've tried: http://localhost/us_opt1/index.php <--- WORK <--- WORK <--- NOT WORK (Note: same machine) http://mydomain.com/us_opt1/index.php <--- NOT WORK I've tried starting again from scratch using the default user (root) and password (root) and still have the same problem as when I was using a different password. Thanks, Devin
  3. Hi BobS I'm using the latest version available and the program runs fine on both XP 32 and Vista 32. UniServer does run on Win7 64 but for some reason, the function (file_get_contents) wasn't working for me. Please see original post for detail shown in error.log. I didn't post anything from the access.log as I didn't see anything strange. It is possible that IPv6 is causing the problem because I did see the message "Your Internet IP Address = Not connected or error!" in the Server Status. I'll report back later if fixing the IPv6 issue didn't solve the problem. Thanks!
  4. I'm unable use file_get_contents function to capture any remote site. The code runs perfectly fine on XP and Vista. All on the same network. I have already looked into htaccess and firewall but to no avail.. $homepage = file_get_contents("http://www.example.com/"); echo $homepage; and as shown in the error.log: [Tue Oct 25 18:29:14 2011] [error] [client ::1] PHP Warning: file_get_contents(http://www.example.com/): failed to open stream: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.\r\n in C:\\UniServer\\www\\test\\index.php on line 3 Using Orion 7.1.13 on Win7 Pro 64 SP1. Thanks.
  5. Hi Ric, I have upgraded to the latest UniServer version "5.7.2-Nano" and found that your plug-in didn't work as I'm getting the same "cannot find path" error. Rather than asking each of us to manually update the code, it is more sensible to simply update the plugin so it will work right away. Also I think it will make more sense if this add-on be placed within the "plugins" folder. TIA for your contribution!
  6. FYI In order to get Drupal 7 to work, you need to: 1) uncomment the two lines in php.ini extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll extension=php_pdo_sqlite.dll 2) restart server Cheers!
  7. I've recently installed 6.19 and had a bit of trouble getting past the database connectivity setup screen. I've found that I have to manually edit the line in settings.php as Drupal wasn't able to write to it for some reason: $db_url = 'mysqli://root:xxxxx@localhost/drupal'; Password to be the same as UniServer's "MySQL Server Configuration". See instruction at V55_Drupal_6_15__Release_Notes.html. Don't forget to try restarting UniServer after making some key changes (i.e. password, subdomain, etc.)
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