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  1. is it possible to make the cerf on another compter for the other one to make it not selfsighned??? or aint there a way to tell it that it signed by someone else ??? but there one problem it only allows one that it know so i dont think that wil fix the problem.. and other website that seem to offer them seem to make it so hard to get one...
  2. okay i fixed it can i fix this or do i have to pay ..... criminalgangs.webhop.net uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
  3. can anyone help me with my sercure server i dont know why its not workin ....
  4. okay ... well im startin to learn how to use jquery .. and i found a nyc ajax (javascript) to replace the old one and it seems fine so far 5 hours 44 minutes 53 seconds .... i dont think i should have the problem anymore... i have the old script in one place of my website witch i will remove and replace.. do u mean like this "$varable" and when i use html with php i use "<p class='whatever'>$blah</P>" (thats how i do them ) thanks for ur help ... and where abouts on wiki will i find this sorta stuff??? i have not long started to learn html, php javascript lol. im a quite quick learner but i also make alot of mistakes lol.
  5. okay thanks .... my mate in college said the same sorta thing... apart from the port side lol. the ram is still quite new. the cpu does go to 100% once a few people connect witch oviously is the script witch would make it not respond... does anyone know a way to make a simple ajax script to replace mine ??
  6. if u haven't fixed that error then its simple to fix ... all u have to to is make sure the session_start() is before every think else including whie spaces... <? session_start(); blah blah blah ?>
  7. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10013) in Z:\www\gangster\includes\db_connect.php on line 6 mysql settin wrong server works fine for a few hours or so then i get that error above .... i have had the problem for awhile now and it becoming a pain... thats the error message everyone else get on my side with the unform server running it just cannot connect to anyweb page untill i restart. after a lil while the server becomes workin agian and then it does it again ... can anyone help me or is it one of my scripts causing the problem... i found its since i have put datasets from dreamweaver on there??? i think that mite be the problem but i need a second opinion also if that is the problem can anyone give me a script to auto update on my site with out refrshing becasue that the only reason i use them.. could it be my connection file??? its rather old
  8. i am runnin a production server .. but i have a problem since i have been editing some the the config files ... mainly apache i cannot use https... i think my isp my of blocked it but i not sure... it say timeout ?? is this blocked or a problem i have created?
  9. will this way work for 4.2 wen it releasted???.. i have updated my apanel from 2.0 to 2.1 just got to do the rest ...
  10. what is the best way to go about updating ... and is there any mayjor fixes that i mite need from there or am i perfectly fine on 4.0 ???
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