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  1. Ric, Not to be a pain, but... Unicontroller has the error. Everything starts up fine with Server_Start.bat. Not running AVG like Couch Potatoe. I have Trend Micro 2009 - I just turned all its features off to double check... still a problem. And as I mentioned earlier netstat -aon doesn't show anything on port 80. Also mentioned earlier I changed the port settings in httpd.conf to 81 and the same error came up. There must be something going on here. Oh and THANKS for Uniform Server, I use it all the time for developing and it's great! Jay
  2. Hello, I'm having the same problem. Unicontroller 4.1 gives me the port 80 in use message... I changed the httpd.conf to port 81... then unicontroller gave me port 81 in use message! Though Server_Start.bat works and runs Apache on port 80 just fine! Also ran netstat -aon | findstr 0.0:80 Which returns nothing... Nobody on port 80. Active Ports shows nothing on ports 80 or 81! So, I'm running the bat file instead. Jay
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