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  1. wphew, i figgered,... but thought I'd ask just in case. this thing is just the dang coolest.
  2. Ever since screwing up my httpd.conf pretty bad recently I've been vigilant with the task manager. Also, I just edited my stop bat to make sure it also shuts down mysqld-opt.exe since it kept runnig if I just used the stop.bat. Everything "seems" to be ok now, but... sOOOooooo,... I have Apache listed twice in the task manager. One process is using 8,812K and the other 14,460K while pretty much idle. Is this normal? I'm running US3.2a on a PIII 1.0G Intel desktop board with 512M curly ps. how's that imaginary nurse?... pretty sweet, rieeeet?!
  3. WOW! I get it! Dude, you are the BEST! I'm gonna get another imaginary nurse just so she can come live with you permanently. curly
  4. so much learning to get... What is the best way to turn off register globals? I see at the PHP site that one can put a flag or entry in .htaccess stating "php_flag register_globals off". or should I do this in php.ini. I'm using the php.ini included in UniS3.2a. or should I do both? or something completely different...? I get the warning in the setup for jinzora and this appears to be a serious issue everywhere else except, maybe, in a development env. I'm trying to set up the server to serve a few pages from a walled garden on my local network to go with my ZoneCD setup and/or to run jinzora and I don't want to screw anything up (anymore). I'm using uniserver 3.2a on winXP pro sp2. Thanks, curly
  5. How did you know my batch file is getting all messy?... heh Anyway, my goal is automation without having to open a whole command prompt, etc. yadda... It seems to me it would actually be easier to just start mysql from the spawned admin page which works fine. So far BK's suggestion worked gloriously (afict) and I've also used the same syntax adding Q&E FTP to the same batch file. I put a shortcut to my edited start.bat in the startup folder but I haven't actually tried it with a restart yet. SooOOOo, with my growing knowledge of batch files and your suggestion I may just make an entirely new batch file for my start up folder which calls the appropriate bat files after a delay which will allow XP to get settled first. I realize I may be reinventing the wheel here but what the hey... Looking forward to the new release with the vb script.... (btw I would be happy to give it a pre-release whirl) Thanks, curly
  6. Egggsellllent, /bk. works like a charm. Thanks! We'll get that wiki filled in soon if we keep it up. And now I will send my imaginary, super hot and sweet nurse to Olaj and she will feed him soup and give him a sponge bath... Many thanks all. curly
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! But, no, didn't work. It looks like the section beginning %Disk%: cd \usr\local\php IF "%2"=="mysql" start \usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/bin/my-small.cnf CLS might need some dressing up or maybe I need to "set mysql=%2" in the batch? no, that didn't work either... I like the ultra portability of uniserver so this is why i'd like to have one batch file and hopefully avoid installing the services. I'll keep messing with the batch file and command referrence at microsoftand post the working results if any.
  8. First I want to thank you for the most excellent work! THANKS! Next,... I looked at the link for the autostart mysql you provided at sourceforge but the solution provided there (afaict) seems to be another batch file. My question comes out of the actual uniserver 3.2a start.bat where there are three lines rem-ed out at the top pertaining to mysql. This looks to me like i can insert or un-rem one of those lines in the start.bat to achieve the desired result...? But, like haymann, I too am unskilled and a little confused by the batch file language. Could you please direct me to the correct alteration of the batch file so that I have one file run at start up making certain mysql kicks in after uniserver is started or at an appropriate point to avoid conflicts or failures? I would also like to start unitray in the same batch file if that's possible... On my end I'll try to brush up on batch file writing in the hope that I will chase away a little bit more ignorance in my life... Thanks, curly ps. i hope this is not too much but i figgered i'd post the whole batch file here....
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