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  1. This is my case. Factor (2), it's inside the correct folder, because before port-switch, my work on WP is done within a LAN, it was accessible without problem via http://localhost/wordpress. Factor (3), I guess this is not happening... otherwise, I won't be able to access apanel, meanwhile wordpress is just a word '/wordpress' to add into URL.. ... I believe factor (1) is causing all the trouble! Last night I tested again the server with port 80 (in LAN environment), everything went ok! Even WP is accessible... ... ok, let's see... A redirect or blocking is in place... which could it be? I have examined 2 channels: Internet, domain by NO-IP http://mydomain.no-ip.info:81/wordpress [failed] LAN http://serverIP:81/wordpress [failed] Localhost http://localhost:81/wordpress [failed] Looks like the redirect or blocking is happening at the server itself, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm googling for redirect/block in Windows Server 2003 R2 now... Thanks!
  2. Few days ago I was shocked to find out uniformserver.com was exceeded its bandwidth limit. Looks like we have lots of friend here! Day after, I felt relieved to find uniformserver.com back to live! Hureeey~ But, I was surprised to find out that there was an IPS Driver Error when I attempt to access forum's categories! Find the attached for the screenshoot I have taken during the IPS Driver error... Hope uniformserver.com able to recovered soonest possible, we got study to catch!!
  3. After some studying & testing. I was able to access apanel through Internet with NO-IP service. Due to my ISP restriction on port 80, I switched from 80 to 81 instead, which is: http://mydomain:81 However, there's another problem - Wordpress. The installation was done at 'wordpress' folder which was accessible at http://localhost/wordpress. After the port switch, the live test at my remote browser returned 'page no found'. I have tried http://mydomain:81/wordpress & http://mydomain/wordpress. Please point out the possible factor of this scenario. Thank you, p/s: please bear in mind the URL provided are examples.
  4. All right, thanks for the clue. I'll give it a try.
  5. I have been reading a few posts mentioned about transferring their tested site to another live server. But for me, I would prefer using my own HP ML110 with Windows Server 2003 R2, hosting live right under my desk. However, I'm a bit lost technically when come to this. In overall, this Uniform Server will be hosting probably 3 services: 1. a family Forum 2. a small webmail 3. an e-commerce site! (for case study & tutorial use) What are the criteria to make a Uniform Server go live? - Allowing external access in .htaccess - a good DSL connection (well, I believe that doesn't really matter, as it is for family use) Hmm, what else? Let's see... - How about the setting in apanel? Anything should I take note? - How about domain name? (if not, how about NO-IP or dynDS, are they applicable?) Your advise is greatly appreciated! Cheers,
  6. Probably your .htaccess is being defined. Check if it is true?
  7. Exactly, make sure the "As Default Website" in IIS is shutdown. Otherwise it will occupy port 80, which prevent Apache from launching. You may change the default port in IIS though...
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