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  1. I m trying to connect to a database but I dont know the password of the root. I never entered one so I suppose that it is a default password. I granted pma user, temporary, because has no password. It works for now but I d like to learn the roots password also. Thanks
  2. x_maras

    run an exe with php

    Hi! I want to make a page that reads an xml file and presents some data. the xml is exported from a "file.exe" and also takes a parameter "param.wpf". I did it with python using the os module, but I dont know if is it possible to run an exe this way from php and also with the uniform server. If it's possible they both have to be in the server right? If you know something about this, a command or a link or an example would be great , I would be gratefull. Thanks
  3. x_maras

    can't make it work

    I m so sorry for making useless post in the forum but i solved it. I dont know why but it only works if I type istead of localhost and for this server and for wamp , wasnt doing it yesterday. Anyway at least I m happy that works .
  4. Sorry if I m double posting, I found some other topics too but I didn't know in which to post. I downloaded the zip file and extract it in a usb drive I tried to run the start.bat it runs the blue screen says port ok opens the browser (firefox) but in the localhost/apanel says Failed to Connect The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost. I m having vista and I also have installed wamp, but it wasnt running while I was trying to run uniserver. What am I doing wrong? Please answer me or link me somewhere! Thanks in advance.
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