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  1. Hi Ric, I checked/tried everything you suggested with no luck. I do appreciate all the time you spent trying to help. I am going to continue to try and hunt down a root cause, and if there's anything else you can think of or info I can provide that may help arrive at a solution, please don't hesitate to ask. It's a tough one since it could be a number of different things or a combination of many things. While it's not the end of the world if I don't find an answer, my stubborn side does hope I can figure it out eventually. Thanks again Ric! Sel
  2. Hi Ric, Thanks again for the response. I've commented on your post below. Yes, this part above I had already done. This file has my login credentials like so: myusername:password So far so good. I had already done the above part as well. Okay, this is where I had to make a change. This is what I had in my .htaccess in the gallery subdirectory: AuthName "Please login to access MyDomain.com" AuthType Basic AuthUserFile W:\htpasswd\www\.htpasswd Require valid-user and I changed it to... AuthName "Please login to access MyDomain.com" AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /htpasswd/www/.htpasswd Require user myusername When I use localhost on the local machine, I only have to login once. When I use my domain name on my local machine, it's once as well. It's when I enter my domain name from an external machine, it requires two logins. Okay, this part threw me for a bit of a loop. Did you mean UniServer\udrive\htpasswd\www\.htpasswd? I don't have an .htpasswd at UniServer\udrive\www and even at UniServer\udrive\htpasswd\www\.htpasswd I don't have anything like the above to comment out. All I have is the myusername:password in that file. What also throws me off is that after the first login, the domain name reverts to the IP when prompting me for another login. It's like it's not resolving properly...I'm just not sure what I may have done wrong. If there's any other info I can provide, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks so much for taking the time to help! Selym
  3. Hi Ric, Thanks for responding. Although I'm away from the machine at the moment, I can start this reply and give you some info now. I'll have to add the contents of my .htaccess to this post a bit later. My site is located in UniServer\udrive\www I am password protecting a picture gallery installed in a subdirectory called gallery. When I click the link to this gallery from my home page (mydomain.com) I get the password prompt, and them my address reverts to my IP ( and I get the password prompt again. Thanks very much for the help. Selym
  4. Thanks, that was very helpful. Using that first wiki page, I was able to password protect my site, but the problem I'm having is that it prompts me twice. If I login once, the login box pops up again...and if I login again, I'm fine...but if I hit cancel that second time, it still lets me in, but prompts me on every single click going forward until I login again. Anyone ever experience something like that?
  5. Hi nojiri, Thanks for the quick reply. So it's that easy, huh? And then just point the domain name to the subdirectory instead I'd imagine, huh? Cool, thanks again. I appreciate it. Selym
  6. I did a quick search for "multiple websites" but didn't find anything, so I hope someone can help. How would I go about hosting more than one website on one instance of Uniform Server? Thanks, Selym
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