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  1. I'm testing the Dokeos "portable version 2" using your suggestions: description of modifications at http://www.dokeos.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=64472#64472 Thank you, Furio P.
  2. Thank you, I proposed to Dokeos' developers a modification in installation routine. Bye, Furio
  3. V. 5.x in some installation (ex. Dokeos) create an absolute path like C:/Users/Username/desktop/UniServer/www that create problems moving the server. The 4.0 version used a virtual disk, so Z:/www/ more portable (the application works in pendrives or locally or if necessary globally). Is it possible to use v. 5.x WITH virtual disk as previous 4.x ? Otherwise installations are less portable. Thanks, Furio
  4. I'm using Uniform server for portable applications (Dokeos Portable). If somebody using XP copy the server+application in Desktop 5.x cannot work. The directory c:/Documents and settings/User/Desktop contain blanks. It is difficult to explain that only the root directory can be used: in Uniform Server 4.x it was not necessary. Furio
  5. I had the same problem when I used 5.x version and after closed the user. Apache and Mysql were installed as services and I used the Windows Control panel (Admin services) for stopping servers. Perhaps 4.x was used after 5.x.
  6. Dear all, 5.1 substitute unicontroller with his own controller. Starting 5.1, servers are installed as services and an icon appear in the lower bar. I noticed that in some circustances - using Vista - the icon vanishes while servers continue running: so it is necessary to stop servers using the control panel and that's not for everyone. This problem is not present in 4.x version and unicontroller. An effective control of servers for me is necessary, 'cause I'm releasing "Dokes-In-A-Pen", a LMS + Uniform Server running in a USB Pen. Furo Petrossi
  7. Dokeos is an useful and interesting LAMP/WAMP LMS (Learning management system). I created a working installation of Dokeos using Uniform server. Information at http://www.dokeos.com/wiki/index.php/DokeosInAPen If you wish I can describe it at UniCenter. Bye, Furio
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