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  1. Hi Is there a way to automatically stop ( and exit) Uniserver when the browser is closed? This is for demo'ing stuff, and the server doesn't need to be running after the browser is exited.
  2. Thanks for the help, I have just copied the uniserver folder to use that.
  3. Hi I have uniserver running from a USB stick, and want to set the home page to open in the default browser of whichever PC it is run on. At the moment it runs Firefox Portable. Any help appreciated
  4. Thanks for that, will try it when i'm back after the weekend
  5. Hi, I want to run an offline copy of a website with a large database(200+ MB) from CD/DVD. I came across uniserver while looking for a solution. I have looked at the run from CD Oily Rag, but I don't want to copy the database across since there will be no writing to it by the end user. Will Uniserver do this? And if so, what additional changes will I need to make to enable me to do this? Any help appreciated
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