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  1. Hi Selym, You don't need to point your browser to any subdirectories. Once you build (or transfer) each site in its respective folder, point your browser to: http://localhost/foldername (foldername is of course whatever you name your site's folder) and it should get you to your site's front page. From there you should be able to navigate as you would a live site. You'll also need to create separate databases corresponding to each site, which you can do through phpMyAdmin in the Uniserver apanel. Cheers! - nojiri
  2. Hi Selym, You can host multiple sites on one Uniform Server by creating separate folders for each site in: Uniserver>Udrive>www folder. For example: Uniserver>Udrive>www>Site1 Uniserver>Udrive>www>Site2 etc. Then, point your browser to each appropirate site to open it, such as: http://localhost/Site1 http://localhost/Site2 etc. Hope that helps. Cheers! - nojiri
  3. Hey Danny, Thanks! Your right, it is brilliant; excellent method. I now have an exact dulpicate of my live site on Mona. For anyone else who might copy a Joomla site onto Mona with DannyH's method, here are a few minor clarifications: > 6) Place your backup ZIP folder inside your empty website folder along with the Kickstart ZIP, make sure there is nothing in there Since I already had a copy of my site in a folder in "Uniserver>udrive>www" called "joomla," I created a new folder in "Uniserver>udrive>www" and named it "sitedemo" > 8) Open your browser and go to your NEW website http://localhost I pointed my browser to: http://localhost/sitedemo > 9) You will then see 3 files, Your backup zip, kickstart zip and your Kickstart.php click on Kickstart.php and follow the instructions on the screen After clicking on Kickstart.php, from the dropdown menu I selected my site backup ZIP (the default on the dropdown menu was the Kickstart ZIP). In the site restoration process with JoomlaPack, I made sure I specified the newly created database, user, and password, as opposed to the default entries from my live site. Thanks again Danny, - nojiri
  4. Hey Danny H., Thanks for the suggestion. I already use JoomlaPack on my live site, so that will be handy. I just downloaded Kickstart and will try to copy the site with your suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again! - nojiri
  5. Ric, Thanks for the great instructions. My site is now running on Mona. I had a lot of components, modules, and plugins, so I decided to just install all the one I need to demo the site. Not everything is showing up the way it does on my online site, but it's close enough for demo-ing. Thanks again. Cheers! - nojiri
  6. Ric, thanks; that's an excellent Wiki. I've got basic Joomla installed now, but have 2 questions: 1) At the end of the article, it states: > "Two paths (Z:) are hard coded these need to be converted to relative paths as follows:" Why is this necessary, and what changes when they become relative paths? 2) What do I need to do to get my live site running on Uniform Server? I FTP'd my whole "Public HTML (Root)" folder into a folder on my desktop, in case I need to copy that into my udrive/www folder. Thanks! - nojiri
  7. Hi. I'm a total newb with Uniform Server, but I'd like to set it up and load my Joomla! site into it so I can do presentations of the site from my laptop in places where I have no internet connection. I've followed Joomadesk's tutorial's instructions for installation, but now I'm at a point where the tutorial doesn't match what's actually happening on the screen. Here's what I've done: 1) Downloaded 4.0 zip, extracted to a file on my desktop. 2) Started the server by clicking on Server_Start 3) Clicked on "run MySQL". It was already running. 4) Clicked on "phpMyAdmin" 5) Created a database, named it "demo" At this point, the tutorial is asking me to set user priveleges, but I don't get the screen they say I should have. The screenshot below is where I'm at. When I click on the "demo" database to the left, it defaults to the "Structure" tab and tells me to create a new table in the "demo" database. What table am I supposed to create here? What are the next steps to finishing the installation and setup? How do I load a copy of my live site into Uniform Server? OS: WinXP SP3 Uniform Server 4.0 Joomla! 1.5.9 Thank you very much for any help! - nojiri
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