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  1. To also answer your questions: I've installed WAMPP when UniformServer did not work, but I've removed that later. I've renamed and edited .htaccess but that's not solving the problem. I used Skype (see above), but I've closed that, even as all other programs, except my antivirus. It still does not work. Seems like there's a conflict somewhere. What to do now? Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. It looks like Skype was the cause of the problem. I've closed it and now UniformServer is starting, W:/ is made, but.... There's now a new problem. Every page (also /a/ and my own sites) are displaying the following error: Aargh... I've tried several things (such as unchecking the read-only box) but nothing works. System specs: - Windows XP Professional - NTFS filesystem - UniformServer 3.2a Need to know more? Thanks in advance for any reply!
  3. I've got the following, with an old UniformServer-release, and the latest release: When I click start.bat a commandwindow pops up which says that the server has started and the browser redirects to http://localhost/a/. The page is totally blank and no W:-disk is made. I've got this problem since a month, after I had reinstalled my computer. Anybody an idea what may be the cause? I liked UniformServer so much...
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