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  1. Maybe your hosting company is using a different mySQL password?
  2. Maybe it's your browser cache that's causing the XAMPP icon to show up even after you've uninstalled it You're sure you didn't copy XAMPP's favicon.ico into Uniform Server, right?
  3. Olajide, I think riyadh misunderstood you and installed Apache again Now things are getting even more complicated riyadh: Could you post your W:\usr\local\apache2\logs\access.log here as well and have you edited any of the config files, httpd.conf or php.ini? Have you tried to view your PHP file using another browser? If the same thing happens in the other browser (you get a download prompt with it too), please download the file it is asking you to download and post the contents of that file here
  4. Do you get this problem with a clean installation of Uniform Server? If you do, paste the contents of your error log (which should be W:\usr\local\apache2\logs\error.log) here
  5. Ok, so what do you see in the column shown in step 2?
  6. As AlleyKat said above, do you think it's your firewall that's causing this problem? Do you have this problem when you view that image from http://localhost/ or
  7. Sorry about that I've edited my post, the sentence that was left out is in red
  8. One question, Ric, if you use "www/skylink", Apache looks for W:\www\www\skylink but if you use "/www/skylink", Apache looks for W:\www\skylink, am I right?
  9. QEMU (although it's kinda slow)
  10. For more security, you should also fix this security flaw.
  11. MrX

    Database Disappearance

    Are you talking about our IRC channel?
  12. You'll probably need to tell us where you placed that .htaccess (as RewriteBase and the file path in RewriteRule all depend on the location of the .htaccess file you wish to use with Datalife Engine) and everything you placed in it
  13. Have a look at this forum topic found on ApacheLounge.com, Jailing Apache On Windows
  14. Hmmm.. a little messing around with the Command Prompt could solve this Start the Command Prompt and then type netstat -ano | find "LISTENING" | find ":80" You'll see a bunch of stuff like "TCP x.x.x.x:80 x.x.x.x:0 LISTENING ", what we're interested in here is , if there are more than one (which normally shouldn't happen), repeat the steps below for each one Type tasklist /SVC /FI "PID eq ", replace with the one you saw after executing the first command. You'll see 3 lines of stuff, but we're only interested in the last line, which should be something like " ", if is N/A and is not Apache.exe, then post the output of this command here (if is Skype.exe, then just search the forum for how to change the port it listens on); if is not N/A then proceed to the next step Type net stop , replace with the one displayed after executing the command above (it shouldn't have any spaces) You should see something like "The xxxx service was stopped successfully", this means that you've got rid of the service (probably IIS) that was using port 80 (and thus making you unable to access Uniform Server); if any output other than that was received, post it here Hope that helps
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