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  1. Euphoria

    64bit PHP

    Just found a stack overflow link where someone states that php on windows (even if 64-bit) will only support 32-bit integers. Although there is a hint that php7 x64 should work. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/864058/how-to-have-64-bit-integer-on-php I have confirmed <v7 doesn't work on windows. wamp x64 and php 5.6 wont go above the 32bit limit.
  2. Euphoria

    64bit PHP

    Hi there, Sorry if this has been asked a million times, I have searched and searched but to no avail (bar a post of another forum from 2012) I have always used Uniform server with little to no problems, however I've come across a situation where I need to handle a large integer for math. The production environment for it is 64-bit so not a problem and as such I don't want to use a separate library just to solve this issue. Does Uniform server come in any sort of x64 Apache/PHP flavours? Or has anyone modified it to work? Thanks in advance
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