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  1. As I was installing SlimFTPd v 3.16 on the Uniserver 3.5-Apollo, I couldn't figure out why i was getting the message "Windows cannot find 'diskw/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe'. :)


    I looked for answers here on the forum but found no clues. Then I realized that in previous versions of Uniform Server, the folder that is mounted as disk W:/ was called "diskw" but in 3.5 it is called "udrive".


    I edited the Start SlimFTPd.bat file as follows:



    start diskw/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe "diskw/plugins/SlimFTPd/SlimFTPd.exe"




    start udrive/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe "udrive/plugins/SlimFTPd/SlimFTPd.exe"


    It worked! :D


    To shut down properly, I needed to change the Stop SlimFTPd.bat file as follows:


    diskw\home\admin\program\pskill.exe SlimFTPd.exe c



    udrive\home\admin\program\pskill.exe SlimFTPd.exe c


    To some of you, I am sure this was elementary, but I had to figure it out. So I am sharing it in hopes of helping others.


    I have attached the changed batch files for those that want them. Extract the files into the folder where Start.bat and the others are.




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