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  1. Hello, I am working on some new sites and would like to do this: Public site (Joomla) in WWW root. I would like to enable SSL so that I can set the Joomla global config to run the admin side over ssl. A separate, private site (Joomla) completely over ssl. It seems to me that I should, rather than having a separate SSL directory, use WWW as the SSL root, which would allow me to host both site in WWW, and choose the admin over ssl option for the first and front and backend over ssl for the second. Has anyone input or advice regarding this? Many thanks, Jeff
  2. I have worked out the ldap issue - it was caused by downloading and copying the wrong binaries. I am now using VC6 Thread safe binaries. LDAp loads properly now, but the intl extension continues to crash Apache. The error log simply says ":/Content/TestServers/UniServer5_7_4/UniServer/usr/local/apache2/logs/httpd.pid overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run".
  3. Hello, I am using version 5.7.4 to test Moodle 2.0. The pre-installation check tells me that I need to enable the soap and intl extensions. In addition, I need to enable ldap. When I enable them, Apache service fails to start. Only when I comment out the appropriate lines in php.ini, does Apache start properly. Has anyone advice as to how to solve this problem? Many thanks, Jeff Edit: I've partially solved this. I also needed to enable soap. I've done this, removed the ldap and intl dll files that I added, and commented the php_ldap and php_intl lines in php.ini. After restarting services, Apache starts properly, but I need to enable the intl and ldap extensions. I downloaded the windows binaries from php.net for version 5.3.5. This is the version shown in phpinfo() I extracted the downloaded file and copied the 2 .dll files from the \ext directory. However, when I uncomment php_ldap and php_intl in phph.ini, apache fails to start. Have I done something incorrectly? Thanks, Jeff
  4. jdk

    Error reporting question

    Hello, I'm using US 5.6.4 to host a number of Joomla sites. My problem is that PHP notices are being written to the log files, generating gargantuan file sizes (4 errors per hit on each site). I realize that yhe best thing to do would be to clean up the code, on which I am working. However, in the meantime, I'd like to suppress notices. As I understand it, I need to edit php.ini to read: E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE Is this correct? Thanks for the help, Jeff
  5. Thanks for the replies. So, if I use DannyH's solution, then I'll have to restart US in the event of power loss or machine reboot, but if I run US as a service, US would automatically startshould either of these things happen, correct? Thanks again, Jeff
  6. jdk

    VHosts and SSL

    Hello, I have a number of Joomla sites running on US 3.5. I use virtualhost settings to run the sites as a subdomain. Further, within each site, I have set up the admin folder within each site to run over ssl by editing ssl.conf. I'd like to upgrade and use US 5.6, but I am struggling to achieve the same type of setup. It 's set up to run a separate folder for ssl, which is great if I want entire directories to run over ssl, but I would like to house all sites in the www folder, serve them using vhosts, and force the admin subdirectories within each to run over ssl. Can anyone help me to think about this? Many thanks, Jeff
  7. As the topic states, I log in to the server using remote desktop connection, start US, but when I log off of the server, US stops running. Is there something that I can do to solve this? Many thanks, Jeff
  8. jdk


    Thank you for the very clear explanation. All is well now. Cheers, Jeff
  9. jdk


    Greetings, I am trying to set up KalturaCE, which requires php-cli. I've looked at the US wiki, but I don't understand how to solve this error: I realize that I have limited skill and understanding, which is the root of my issue, but if anyone would be so kind as to offer explanation, I would be most appreciative. Thanks, J
  10. Hi, I am running US 3.5. I have added the correct.dll file, uncommented in php.ini, but when I run the above script, I receive the Failed to bind message. I can see LDAP in phpinfo. How can I troubleshoot this? Many thanks, Jeff
  11. Thanks. I understand that ssl.conf must be set up to point to the site for access via ssl, and that httpd.conf must point to the site via port 80. I suppose that I am really asking about directories. Are /ssl and /www simply directories with no special attributes? Further, I am wondering in which directory I should set up the site for public access via http and admin access via https, or does it matter? Thanks, Jeff
  12. Hi, I am experimenting with Mona 4.1. Currently, I have a number of Joomla sites set up using ViryualHosts on 3.5 to serve public pages over http, but the admin back end over https. It is very easy to set up an entire site to use ssl on Mona, but I am wondering what is the best way to serve part of a directory over ssl, while serving the remainder over http. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeff
  13. Thanks Ric. My download of Mona was not missing the files, I just didn't know where to look. However, they may not be the correct version. The ones in the download are When I replaced them with, CURL loaded. Anyway, thanks for the help andf for sharing this great server! Jeff
  14. This has been solved by placing the two dll files as described by Ric above. Because these files were not there, CURL and LDAP did not load correctly. Now they do. I was working on my installation of Moodle 1.9.4, setting it up for self-registration via email. including re-captcha. These would not work without CURL. Now it is working beautifully. Many thanks! Jeff:)
  15. I am at home now and do not have remote access to the server. I plan to work on this tomorrow. What script would be useful for you to see? It's odd, I downloaded a clean version of Mona. Curl loads fine on my laptop, but when I move the server to my desktop, curl does not load. I will post more tomorrow. Thanks, Jeff
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