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  1. STOPPING IIS: Command line: iisreset /restart ===> to restart The IIS iisreset /start ===> to start The IIS iisreset /stop ===> to stop The IIS OR: net stop net start OR: The net start/stop commands require the service name listed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services The services applet in Control Panel uses the DisplayName. The net command does not recognize the DisplayName. This is true for any service. For IIS specifically: the service names and displaynames are: Service name DisplayName Iisadmin IIS Admin Service Msftpsvc FTP Publishing Service Nntpsvc Microsoft NNTP Service Smtpsvc Microsoft SMTP Service W3svc World Wide Web Publishing Service To stop the WWW Service in IIS 5.0 1. Open Administrative Tools, and then click Services. 2. In the Services pane, double-click World Wide Web Publishing Service. 3. On the Properties page, on the General tab under Service Status, click the Stop button, and then click OK. To stop the WWW Service in IIS 4.0 1. Open Control Panel, and then double-click Services. 2. On the Services page, click World Wide Web Publishing Service, and then click the Stop button, and then click Close. ALSO: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Ne...roblems_Section
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