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    PHP showing blank pages

    Thanks a lot for this topic. It helped to solve my issue of the blank page. Unfortunately the new php is issuing awful "notices" before rendering the page. Any way, I disabled development and I will check later. Best regards joejac
  2. Thank you very much Ric I thought the exe file would install something in the computer. I love UServer because it do not install anything, it is brilliant. I was able to run the server after running the 7-Zip self extractor. And it worked fine. Thanks to all, very nice and helpfull community. Best regards joejac
  3. Thank you Danny, I do not have \usr\local\.... I have Uniform Server -----------------udrive ------------------------cgi-bin ------------------------docs ------------------------etc ------------------------home Yes files are missing, I do not understand why because the download is 13,6MB. I entered in the zip file and there I can see Uniform Server -----------------udrive ------------------------cgi-bin ------------------------docs ------------------------etc ------------------------home ------------------------htpasswd ------------------------plugins ------------------------tmp ------------------------usr ---------------------------bin ---------------------------lib ---------------------------local --------------------------------apache2 --------------------------------mysql ---------------------------------------bin ------------------------------------------mysqld-opt.exe, and 3 other files --------------------------------php ------------------------www 1. I unziped again and same problem, the unzip is incomplete. 2. I downloaded again, although I do not think this is the problem. 3. I unzipped again and about 4 minutes after initiating the unzip Windows reported a problem and it closed, it did not extracted all the files but only few. I did not noticed this before because I did not pay attention to the unzip process. 4. Is this a problem with the Uniform Server zip file or the Vista unzip utility? 5. What can I do? Thanks a lot joejac
  4. I am Unable to run Uniform server 3.5 in Vista Home Premium. I disabled Skype No IIS is running I disconnected Internet and disabled Windows Firewall I either run UniController.exe or Server_Start.bat and same problem: Windows can not find the file: "\usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe" Please help me, I have invested all day looking in your forum, doing things and no way to run the server. Uniform Server is very nice, I have years using it in WinXp but I do not have XP anymore only Vista. Thanks a lot Regards joejac
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