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  1. Well my isp found me running a webserver on port 80 and made block port 80. Id like to change it to another port but I can't get to work on any port but 80. Ive made both changes in my http.conf for apache. My router is also configured properly. Is there something else I should be doing.
  2. Ive been developing websites for 3-4 years just as a hobby mainly. I started off editing files and uploading via ftp. Works but few extra steps. Finally about a year ago I set up a webserver here at home and took the leap into learning the server administration part (Setting up apache, php, mysql, etc). Now Ive just been using this server more as a workstation for web development. Well point being Ive never felt more like a rookie in my life. When I found this website yesterday within 30 seconds of downloading your package here, I was up and going on my labtop. I was so !! It was all this simple the entire time. All the times my internet was down in between moves. All those long flights I could have been lost in some code.. Just had To post a big thanks, this could be one of the best tools Ive got now. Wish I found it a long time ago. Now I wonder, did everyone know about this except me?
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