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  1. Don't loose your heart! I believe we'll overcome all obstacles you have mentioned. I am using Mambo too and, I must admit, it took me a month to make all things play together. Including mambo - it was the last straw - not mentioned in this thread - file includes/database.php should be tuned to your language too. And I have exactly the same problems with data migration from local to live site (mySQL 5 and mySQL 4). And again, resolved it without mentioning it in this thread. So, let us go together step by step. Do you agree? a) So, your live site works correctly, doesn't it? And you have problems with local installation OR with transferring data from local to live? (I didn't exactly catch where the problem was exactly?)
  2. Yes, it's even better idea. So I will try it ... MarHaj
  3. Good idea indeed! ... and include into install documentations the short descrition of "how to change the default prefs". It will be of great help for us, newbies ... MarHaj
  4. Hi, we were solving the same thing in the thread http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=270 ...changing system from latin1 to cp1250. We have succeeded at the last. Try it wit your utf8! MarHaj
  5. I've got it. 1. changing Apache default charset as stated in the post above. 2. adding 2 lines of the code to the file \user\local\mysql\bin\my_small.cnf namely ... character-set-server = cp1250 collation-server = cp1250_general_ci # Uncomment the following if you are NOT using BDB tables ... After restarting MySQL system variables are: Variable Session value Global value character set client latin1 cp1250 character set connection cp1250 cp1250 character set database cp1250 cp1250 character set results latin1 cp1250 character set server cp1250 cp1250 character set system utf8 utf8 collation connection cp1250_czech_cs cp1250_general_ci collation database cp1250_general_ci cp1250_general_ci collation server cp1250_general_ci cp1250_general_ci .. that's just I wanted. The rest of charsets with latin1 are of no interest - they are for the purpose of the communication berween console and PHP and can be set in PHP. I think it may works with another charsets as well. Thanks ALL for their assisstance! MarHaj
  6. I think my problem is the same as in the thread http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=151 which started on July. And is still opend... MarHaj
  7. Hi, I've got Uniform Server 3.2a. My browser - when I am accessing dynamics pages using Uniserver - still switches to latin1 but on the hosted server the exactly same application runs as I want, i.e. cp1250 is in use. Can you give me an advice how to overcome the problem? I am getting mad!!! I am affraid that MySQL server under Uniserver is not properly set. For each case here are some MySQL Server variables>>> Variable Session value Global value ... character set client latin1 latin1 character set connection cp1250 latin1 character set database latin1 latin1 character set results latin1 latin1 character set server latin1 latin1 character set system utf8 utf8 ... collation connection cp1250_czech_cs latin1_swedish_ci collation database latin1_swedish_ci latin1_swedish_ci collation server latin1_swedish_ci latin1_swedish_ci ............. Thanks in an advance MarHaj
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