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  1. Downloaded Uniform Server and is working fine as such. (Have no Skype running on my computer) Then wanted to upload an indexfile of my own in the directory w/... /www by copy and paste from my library of homepages i had programmed. I get an errormessage that the path i am referring to is not available on this computer. but be aware, i am seeing W drive in my explorer and just ant to paste the indexfile into it. In the directory C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Uniform Server\udrive\www i find the exact same files as ar in the w-drive. And there i can paste my indexfile into witout problem and it also shows when i ask for "local" in the IE. Could anyone help me what i have to do, so that my W-drive (virtual drive W) is recognized by my vista and i can manipulate it as a real existing drive? Thank you!
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