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    Stretched Limo

    Hmm, i dont know what i should think about this? Are there people who really use these miniservers? I have seen projects that also created a bazillion of sub branches but went back to maintaining one main branch because people where confused about the mass.
  2. Yeah well the topic title says it all, i somehow miss the activity in this forum or the irc chat. No discussion at all about features, no news, no nothing. It seems like the development is dead. :\
  3. Mhh what are the perl librarys in the /usr/lib directory for? Is it just a collection of scripts people could use for development?
  4. Ota

    how to upgrad apache

    Upgrading the apache integrated into the current uniform server is not that easy when you dont know what todo.
  5. Weird, works on my vista pc. Try to move uniform to C drive.
  6. No its not possible to achieve a seperate db and webserver enviroment with uniform server and maintain the standalone functionality without modifing it ALOT. The effort todo this is the same or even bigger then installing the components and configurating those. Generally i would NOT recommend using UFS for productive servers, the default configuration is way to unsecure, so its not applicable to use it on a production server like stated. Even if it was configurated in a secure way, its impossible to create a configuration that would match your server system and needs perfectly, performance and module wise. I dont want to sound harsh but it seems to me that you are not so experienced in the field of server managment, so i would recommend you to put the server setup and managment into professional hands! A bad setup server can do more harm then good. (E-Mail Spaming and abuse of your server)
  7. Hmm okay, i hope this list fullfiles your needs, although i am sure i missed something you would be interested in or forgot to mention a cool new feature So if something is unclear feel free to ask ill try my best to explain it to you then. I am starting at the most upper directory and then continue the description of the subdirectorys one by one in alphabetical order. Removed "Disk Start.vbs", its not needed anymore the new start files fulfils this function. Renamed "Server_Start.bat" to "start-uniserver.bat". Rewrote the "start-uniserver.bat", i recommend you take a look at the code, it says more then this description.Using the UFS configuration file for paths, parameters and even more. Allmost all can be configured with this file now. Added more on screen ouput. Added error checking. Is Apache/Mysql running? The user will be asked to enter a drive letter if the default one is allready in use. The new drive letter will be saved to the UFS configuration file and reused. Extending the windows PATH enviroment variable to be able to load various needed dlls by php or other apps without storing those dlls in the application folder. Added first start detection, various actions like opening the readme can now be taken if the server gets started the first time. Added logging of the startup process! (this feature is already finished and will be included in the next version) Added creation of symlink on startup to important directorys. In my humble opinion i also made the startup process more error resistant. [*]Renamed "Stop.bat" to "stop-uniserver.bat". [*]Rewrote the "stop-uniserver.bat", i recommend you take a look at the code, it says more then this description. Using the UFS configuration file for paths, parameters and even more. Allmost all can be configured with this file now. Added more on screen ouput. Merged the "/udrive/home/admin/program/close.bat" into the new shutdown file, the old close.bat is not needed anymore. Added checks of the various applications to perform specific actions only if an application is running and to prevent errors when one of them is not running. I think "a modular shutdown file" describes it the best. The apache process is shutdown properly now instead of being killed. Added logging of the shutdown process! (this feature is already finished and will be included in the next version). Added deletion of the created symlinks in the startup process. Added cleanup of the "/tmp" directory and all subfolder on shutdown. The directory structure will be preserved. [*]Removed "UniController.exe", the new start files fulfils this function. [*]Added php-console.bat, a proxy bat file to the PHP CLI with some default settings. [*]Added the "LICENSE.txt" file to the root directory to avoid problems The licensetext is now based on the official BSD license template, it also contains a note written by myself about third party software used in the package. [*]Renamed "udrive" to "_uniformserver". All now mentioned paths are relative to this directory because of reading simplicity. Moved "/docs" to "/usr/doc" Moved "/docs/src" to "/usr/src" Moved _all_ configuration files (apache, mysql php, etc.) into "/etc".Completely rewrote the Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration files! Added alot of Mods to Apache and Extensions to PHP. Added a new regex alias! (In my view this is an important change, it spares the user of creating new vhosts and modifing his lmhost file.) A tilde at the start of the directory part in the url allows you to change the current document root to the specified directory. Some examples! Remember the default document root is "/srv/www/localhost" "" resolves to "/srv/www/phpmyadmin/" "" resolves to "/srv/www/uni-panel/". Added the "uniform-server.bat" that contains various configuration parameters needed for the start-, stop files and php console. [*]Removed the "/home" directory The contents of "/home/admin/program" got moved to "/usr/sbin" The contents of "/home/admin/www" got moved to "/srv/www/uni-panel". phpMyAdmin and phpMyBackupPro are now stored in their own folders inside of "/srv/www" [*]Moved the "/htpasswd" directory to "/var/htpasswd", the content of the directory now reflects the target path of the htacces files. [*]Removed "/plugins", added "/opt" instead. All plugins should reside here from now on. [*]Added various subdirectorys to "/tmp", all applications should now use this directory for their temporary data. [*]Added various dlls to the "/usr/lib" directory that are needed by some php extensions. [*]Updated apache, php and mysql to the newst current version. The applications stayed where they are in "/usr/local" [*]Added "/usr/sbin", all files or applications needed for the start or stop process are now stored in here. "process.exe" and "linkd.exe" are two new applications! "process.exe" is used to emit the WM_CLOSE message to apache, "linkd.exe" is needed for the creation of the symlink directorys. Also the "configuration-managar.bat" is stored in here, this file is used for modifying the configuration file of UFS. [*]"/www" got moved into the new "/srv" directory. [*]Added "/var", the directory contains various folders. "/var/htpasswd" Allready described "/var/log" Logilfes "/var/mysql" The mysql database is stored in here. "/var/run" PID files go here. Currenlty only mysql and apache use this directory. "/var/ssl.crt" The SSL cert.
  8. What exactly do you need? Copy pasting the change logs i posted here into one file should documentate all changes i made Or do you want the current change status compared to the main uniform trunk?
  9. Okay, wow, funny how life plays its quriks on you from time to time :-) Sorry for the delayed and promised new version, although i guess most of you did not way very eagerly for it =p http://ohne-ziel.de/projects/uniform-serve...~350_Apollo.zip Note the version jump, i toyed so much around so i created an internal version to not get confused Changelog - Version 0.9.4 Moved the license file into the most upper directory. Used the correct BSD License template for the license file. Added a textblock about third party software at the top of the license file. (You should include this textblock into your version also) Added myself to the copyright list. Added a PHP Console that pipes userinput to the PHP CLI. PHP Nerds will like this imho. Added a configuration file that is used by the start/stopfiles and the php console. Its located at /etc/uniform-server.bat. Added/programmed a configuration manager which allows me to modify the config file via command line. Its located at /usr/sbin/config-manager.bat. Readded the "udrive" directory but named it "_uniformserver". It now contains the linux like directory structure. Removed the /home directory, added the /opt directory instead, plugins should reside here from now on. Removed /var/tmp, added /tmp instead. This directory and all sub directory will be cleared on shutdown! Removed the UniController.exe, who used it anyway? Renamed start-uniserver.vbs to start-uniserver-guided.vbs Maybe ill remove it also imho its not needed anymore (see changes). Major rewrite of the start file.Added more documentation and a docblock. Errorchecking is now performed before the server starts (Is apache/mysql running? Do we have config settings?) The to-be-used drive is checked for availability! If the drive letter is taken by a system drive, the user will be prompted to enter a valid drive letter. The new drive letter will be saved to the configuration file and reused on the next startup. Symlinks to important directory will be created on startup. Added first time startup detection. At the moment the license file will be opened on the first startup. Errors of the pskill.exe are now handled properly [*]Major rewrite of the stop file! Added alot more documentation and a docblock. Merged the two seperate shutdown files into one, there is now only one, the stop-uniserver.bat. If the watcher is running when shuting down the server, the watcher gets killed to prevent a major FUBAR. The overall shutdown process got improved. Checking for applications etc. Apache is now shut down properly instead of being killed. (check the log ) Symlinks to important directory will be removed on shutdown. The /tmp directory will be cleaned on shutdown. [*]Added process.exe and linkd.exe both can be found at /usr/sbin. process.exe is used to issue the WM_CLOSE message to apache. linkd.exe is used for symlink managment.
  10. Hey, just wanted to post i am not dead and working on the next minor release which will i'll post this evening or at the latest tomorrow. :-)
  11. Uniform wont work without the extra drive, the virtual drive is need so that the paths in the config files work. You could install apache and mysql as windows services. Afaik uniform has a plugin for that.
  12. Hehe minute you didnt offended me at all. This is open dicussion and it's interesting to see another view point. I understand your arguments. To put it simply, for me the size is negligible, before i start to shrink the whole project i want to add the features on my roadmap. Simple as that. Apparently i cant mention this often enough: I do this for my personal use and sharing the changes is just a nice side effect, so i am not after a higher download numbers or whatever. :-) I love discussions about application design and if its constructive both sides will profit out of this.
  13. I understand the point about the size, and i allready admited in my first post its one of the negative points. Everyone likes small and overviewable software. Still, the versus argument follows: a) disk space is cheap and will become even cheaper and how long did you need to download the 70 mb? I guess five minutes at max? Copying the packe around is no fun at all, thats true. This is the only way to solve the size problem but thats the point where i think the project will limit itself when it keeps up to it. Alot of development time will be lost that could be invested in more important features. And this is why i think so: You have to invest alot of time into taking the core components apart and see if they still work when file X is not present AND you have to test it on every system and under different situations. Adding a downloader is a nice idea but doenst solve the problem? You stll have to download the 70 mb? Keep the core components as they are, the developers behind those packages know what they are doing and allready tested them. Why do the same work all over again? Imho the uniform package should even contain all possible files to be more system independent. You never know if a user is missing a dll or package and to solve user system enviroment dependant problems is a pain in the ass I could easily do that but i dont see the point? Why do you want to keep projects out of the www directory? Actually i was planning to remove the /home folder at all. In order that the home directory could be used properly the user would need to create his own home subfolder and modify the apache conf to add the new user directory. Doesn't sound very positive to me :-) Yes its possible i tested it. And, like i allready stated, alas the changes to the path variable via cmd are temporary. Anyway, i dont think we should do that, imagine an user installs an application which adds itself to the path enviroment to work properly and the user wants to add it to his server enviroment. The app. wont work because it does not find the needed files, since we boggled around in his system configuration The changes to the directory structure shouldnt make any problems which couldnt be solved. One hurdle about installing apache and mysql as services is to tell them where they find the needed configurations, but when i stand correct this can be easily solved by adding the needed parameters when installing the service. The biggest hurdle are the config files itself, to be more exact, the path definitions in those. In a way they are all defined as absolute paths but missing the disk declaration. The trick is that windows will use the disk from which the path got requested, thats why there is created a virtual disk by uniform to ensure the paths match. Currently i have no clue how that can be solved and to be honest i am suprised that the current service plugin works? Thank you very much for the compliments :-) Hehe, someone didn't read my opening post properly The apanel is broken to some degree based on the path changes, i just fixed some minor stuff so you could atleast open it up. phpmyadmin got moved to the webroot as own project, to access it you have to visit the url which will resolve to /srv/www/phpmyadmin/. The /www folder got moved to /srv/www. Please read my opening post why there is this new directory. Again, thanks. Do you keep your code all in one file when developing? I guess not, the same rules apply to the apache config file, it gets big, hard to handle and thats why i splited it up to make it easier to maintain. Yeah i know that and also stated this in the first post as one negative point that backwards compatibility will be broken by those changes. Nothing you can do about that, thats why you have new milestone releases and announce interface changes which will break compatibilty. Thanks once more for the heads up! All i can do is to give you my feedback and i am trying this as best as i can do :-) Sorry i dont know moodle. To be honest, my main focus is on developers but the changes i made also make the whole package more user friendly imho. As example all the webprojects are in one place and the configs are in one place. (the positive aspects of the changes are stated in the first post) So called newbies who dont touch the servertechnology wont notice any big difference except the bats give them more feedback on whats happening. Its the error state of the application? Good to know! Displaying the message can be solved easily by routing the output to a file, goto the error state and pipe the output to the screen. Ill change that in the next version. We will see When do plan to release it? I allready thought so, you cant make everyone happy but professionals will appreciate the linux like structure. Hehe while reading your post i got an excellent idea, i will be re adding the udrive folder and remap the virtual drive to that. As a special i will create junctions when you start the server. Junctions are symlinks for windows but limited to folders, which are present since windows 2000 but no one knows that. Those junction folders will point to /etc and the /srv/www directorys and will be created parallel to the udrive folder under the names /configuration and /webroot so really everyone should find those important directorys in a breeze :-D I will be adding this into the next release thats how much i like the idea! Sorry i dont understand the meaning of "leaving some settings on the server". Register globals IS bad even when you know what you are doing, this is one of the reasons the option will be removed in php6 or when i state corret even in 5.3. The option enables are frikkin big security hole, i do not want to explain why, there are alot of pages about this topic :-) Talking about security, saving the current mysql root password in a plain text file aint good. You never know if the user enters his one and only password, someone just need to get ahold of the uniform server directory and all goes downhill from here. And using the server even after the "security checklist" is not recommended by me. Normally you would rip out every unneeded mod and feature of apache/mysql/php, limit write and read access to the directorys and other stuff. Alone the by default enabled mod server info of apache gives an attacker so much information he would cringe in joy. Another reason i would nerver recommend to use uniform or any feature ready wamp/lamp package on a productive server is that when you have a server you should know what you are doing and along with this goes that you know how to install and configure all needed components to run a webserver. Omfg, its 3 am, answering all this took me more time then i thought (Thats how much i care about your feedback. :-) ), so please pardon my english errors because i am to tiered to reread everything! And excuse me if some answers seem out of place, just reask them. I really appreciate it. Once more i want to state that all i do is for my privat use and joy, i do not want to create a fork or whatever out of this. New version will only be released in this thread. The changes and modifications are free to use! It would be nice though when you could give me some props Oh, by the way, what license does uniform use? I was unable to find proper license information.
  14. Hehe okay, i just thought it would be better to not post the new versions so people dont get confused or think i am trying to redo the project. Wouldn't it be better then to rename the topic? I am fine with controversial or negative comments as long as they are constructive.
  15. I didnt make my own! Its just a heavily modified version or even if you want to call it so my custom patched version. I called it "Uniform Server++" to show people its based on Uniform and to give the developers as much credit as possible, i dont want any credit for my changes. And instead of just creating the list and sending it as feedback, i allready modified it so its easier to explain and to show what i mean. In most open source projects you can send in your patches and then will be decided if it gets applied, Code says more then theory. Where did i tell i do not respect the developers? Sorry thats total mumbo jumbo. Please tell my why it is complicated, i would like to hear your feedback even if its negative! Oh okay. Then get another pc and check it out, i think at least the modified bats are worth a look :\About the structure changes, i understand that but wouldnt it be more constructive to plan ahead, create a structure which is future proved and solid? Better make a big break now, then in small steps so people just have to adopt once. Like i allready wrote, it was worth a try, you can see that version as feedback or patches i would apply to make the software better, its your decision if you use it or not :-) An option would be to limit the preinstalled phpmyadmin access to localhost only. Ill write that down and add it to my roadmap of changes when i am at home. :-) Edit: If anyone can edit the topic title then change it to "Uniform Server suggested changes" or something, i dont mind :-) New release will be keept internal just to myself from now on, maybe ill post the final version when i am done with my planned changes.
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