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  1. Haha Well I didn't do that because with the DHCP server for the ISP I'm with they use automatic allocation I persume not dynamic so my DHCP IP doesn't change everytime I log on, just if I install a new network card (so I'd be a new client). Although I did try configuring me network settings as said above, and it worked *wink* The only drawback was that I couldn't access the internet anymore lol. I tried fiddling with the settings more but I'm no network genius, so I went back to my orginal settings. And I don't think I can disable NAT on my router, I looked through the settings though I couldn't find an option to disable it. Though I've decided not to worry about not being able to access it with my WAN IP or use any scripts that require an absolute address localhost is groovy Sorry for the fuss And thank you for all the help Keep up the great work too!
  2. I think I have the right configurations, I added another mapped port using my WAN IP as well as the DHCP but it still won't work on my WAN one. This is my router. MAPPED PORTS ID Public Port Private Port Port Type Host IP Address 8 80 80 TCP (WAN, can't access) 9 80 80 TCP (DHCP, can access) Reading up about my router I noticed: Is that the problem?
  3. I was hoping so but I can't seem to using my WAN IP, I can however with my DHCP IP (192.16...) When I go with my WAN it goes to my Home Gateway.
  4. So I can't access my site using my WAN IP on my computer, I can only use localhost? Sorry for being a pain
  5. That's right I actually did that before but I totally forgot about my DHCP IP address changing because of getting a new computer. It was forwarding to my old IP :angry: Thank you, works now One last question though, can you only access the website via local host on your own machine or is there a way to use your WAN IP? I remember last time trying to configure Mambo via local host wouldn't load properly (images not showing, not being to submit admin changes via the Mambo admin panel), but other people accessing from my IP could see it perfecfly.
  6. Since I got a new computer I haven't been able to get UniServer to work (same with my boyfriend). Whenever I access my IP it goes to my Home Gateway. I've tried fiddling around with files, and I've done exactly the same things from when I set up UniServer on my old computer (edited access file, unblocked port etc), but my server still can't be accessed by other people. Is there a way around this problem? Or a step by step userguide to see if I'm missing out any setup steps? Not a major priority at the moment, just procrastinating (currently on exam study leave) :angry:
  7. Hehe, well the ObjectDock is also free (there is a plus version which you pay for though). But I can't remember the last time I actually paid for software... :angry:
  8. Desktop King lol, what about Princess? Here's my desktop (since no one has been posting for ages and I want to flaunt my desktop). It's mostly GANT 3 themed :angry: More information can be found at GantDesigns.com. You can download the shellpack from here
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