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  1. ric i wonder if we can make a batch file using 7zip to compress data from that mysql? ( i think i see it somewhere ... i'll try to make one and we can add link to apanel )
  2. have u read this tips http://www.bernzilla.com/item.php?id=784 maybe because ENV not include your oracle installation path? maybe this can help also http://www.oracle-base.com/articles/misc/A...llOnWindows.php good luck
  3. Oh my that documents not updates hehe thats for Uniform Server version 3.3 Current version is 5.X and 4.X as far as i know the last version of 3.x is 3.5 thats old version is for 3.x but if you want to do some backup there's a few php script such as mysqldump or using phpmyadmin for latest development and update you can go to http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Main_Page good luck and all the best
  4. which Uniform Server? i think that an old one? I think Ric already answer why Uniform Server Developer drop phpMyBackupPro from US package
  5. Hi rustyp US = Uniform Server mod_security2 is a lil complex, but once you know the basic it so easy ( i personally use it to block UA agent and common XSS attack and nothing else ) I agree with you Harden-It is easy to setup or you can use SafeXP just to patch syn attack you can use ZBBlock with your script to add some protection or you can you .htaccess for simple protection all the best
  6. hi you can install mod_security2 apache module for system you can install firewall and try using hardenit to block the bot you can use robots.txt or you can use ipfilter program to block known search engine you can use .htaccess to block also if you run in virtual machine i doubt they can access it .. *notes* i use US for my private server also and have no problem with it ( i block some problem country and search engine and my site is invisible from Mr G and other search engines
  7. it seem that eAccelerator is for PHP 5.3.1 and your PHP is 5.3.0 so they are not compatibilty maybe there's a problem with your PHP package. have you change it?
  8. if u want to use it from lan u can type http://ipofserver example if your server is in pc with lan ip try to use if you want to use from internet set from router ipforward port 80 to your pc where US run and type http://yourip such as *notes* - make sure your firewall is allow apache connection ( xp firewall built in will ask when you start for a first time )
  9. have u try to install vc++ 2005 sp1? i've a problem also and get rid it by install vc++ 2005 / 2005 sp1 / 2008 and 2008 sp1
  10. Yay i found the culprit it seem there's a problem with limitipcon.dll ( use to limit user ) maybe it's not support apache above 2.2.11. *sigh* a long long time to figure it out
  11. Ric i agree with Borszczuk i used version 4 at home and office ( i do a mod at home and use it at office as production server ) its easy with virtual drive as it always point to w: and ican carry it in my thumbdrive right now i upgrade it manually ( i copy some latest from version 5 and replace it in version 4 ) i hope you will not cut off it from production
  12. Uniform server apache 2.2.13 php 5.2.11 modsecurity 2.5 antiloris 0.4 [Thu Oct 01 20:37:17 2009] [error] [client] (OS 2)The system cannot find the file specified. : access to /mylog/ failed; stat of 'W:/usr/local/apache2/logs/' failed. seem there's an error when i try to view the logs buts i can view it is this because apache 2.2.13? i got no problem with apache 2.2.11 and php 5.2.11
  13. i have the same situation i check my browser ( im using k-meleon ) and i see that my browser is block http referrer so i think the problem maybe with the browser
  14. Thanks for your help ive already go to portfoward.com but my router is not listed there huhu i think there is a problem with my router that not allowed me to connect to my own ip huhu ive already set my pc in dmz and yet my firewall show many connection to port 80 but still i cant do that but using proxy i manage to get seem its router problem thanks. yup that what i do after its not working. i just asking to find solution so that i can using it in normal way huhu anyway thanks still looking for the answer *notes* using hostexpert software make it easy for newbie to change it web resource http://www.funkytoad.com/download/HostsXpert.zip
  15. to protect server or to check the security? anyway i answer both currently i have 2 type of uniform server which i upgrade 1 - apache/2.0.63 / php 5.26 / mysql 5.0.41 / perl 5.10 2 - Apache/2.2.9 / PHP/5.2.6 / mysql 5.0.41 / perl 5.10 To protect apache im installing mod_security2 and mod_antispam To protect php im installing php suhosin patch To test security im using syhunt hardened tool to check php.ini and httpd.conf Website can be reach at Mod security 2 - http://www.modsecurity.org/ php suhosin - http://www.hardened-php.net/suhosin/ syhunt hardened tool - http://www.syhunt.com/?section=resources.tools Anyway i think olajideolaolorun has make the uniform server is safe as production server i hope i've already answer your question
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