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  1. Well, please let me "borrow" this topic since I had EXACTLY the same problem (error #1045) and use exactly the same OS (Windows XP) as Harley did/does. Of course I read the whole topic and applied the advice, meaning I re-installed a new copy of Uniform Server (actually the latest version currently, 3.5) Then I followed every instruction I found on the support site: changed password for server/private/Mysql and uncommented the validation lines in www/.htaccess Thereafter I launched phpmyadmin from aconsole, tried to create a database and, indeed, a folder with my database name was created. So far, wonderful. Then I went to the mysql directory (W:\usr\local\mysql\bin), typed "mysql --help" and it worked, I had the correct display. Finally I tried to type just: "mysql" and... got the same old #1045 error message. I beg your help since my aim is to use mysql at the prompt line, and I´m stuck at this point. Please forgive my poor English. Thanks a lot Satinka
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