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  1. Hi, total beginner here I am doing an assignment for my Web Implementation project and am running a website on Uniserver. One of the things i have to achieve is to add page statistics to my site. i am allowed to use a 3rd party solution, and have used cdub's website stats. I've created the db and table in MySQL, no problem. However the logs.php and pageviews.php don't seem to be working correctly. They open without any 404 message etc, and the logs.php does display 1 user looking at 1 page. This is incorrect however as no matter how many times i look at all my pages, the figure never changes. The pageviews page opens but does not display anything, even the tables it is meant to draw. My best guess is that i am not entering my site URL properly, or something relating to that. At the moment i have it set to $cdub_site = 'http://localhost:80/Studentunion' in the cdub config file as this is the root folder of my website (inside the udrive/www). The php files are all in the Studentunion folder too (i dont know if this is correct). Any help in getting it working properly would be great, and although this isnt specifically a Uniserver issue i would appreciate any help. If anyone is looking at it, the staff folder page is htaccess protected, and i cant get the .htpasswd to work either. Thanks from the ultimate newbie Attached is my www folder and the sql table file. www.zip instructions.txt sql.txt
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