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  1. there is no tomcat on the host machine, its being hosted through this uniformserver... after reading some forums.. im not sure if uniform server supports / or has an embedded JVM.(java virtual machine).. i found a plugin jvm.dll but i dont know where to put it and if its what i really need. from the link you posted. i saw that i have to install tomcat together with the uniform server? where do i put my pages? do i run tomcat together with the inform server?
  2. akoymakoy

    Java on apache?

    I have currently made a site but used apache tomcat as my development server, the client now used this uniform server, Apache to host the site. It doesnt work. what happens is that on IE it shows only the html parts and none of my java servlets are working. On firefox it shows the sourcecode of the whole page rather than showing the page.. is it a scripting error? or i really cant deploy jsp/java pages on an apache server?
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