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  1. Hi Ric, Thanks very much for your resilience in this! I will follow up on your instructions tomorrow - I just closed everything down when I got this message - and will let you know if my US installation survived. ;-) Cheers, Patricia
  2. Hi Ric, When I use the exact same settings as you did, it works. I think it has to do with the save location - I normally don't save on server but elsewhere and then I get the error. I also got the error when I try to import a gz on a live server. So I tested this with importing from the 2 different locations and it works when the file was saved in on server in C:/UniServer/etc/phpmyadmin/ directory, but not when saved outside the US folder structure. When saving outside, I get an error which looks like this: http://www.patriciaritsemavaneck.name/imag...mport-error.jpg Hope this helps making more sense of this error... Patricia
  3. Hi Ric, I used US Nano 5.1 to create the gz's - using the phpMyAdmin link. During the export it all seems to be going well. It's only upon importing the file that the errors occur. I have US installed on Windows XP SP3. My default browser is FireFox 3.5.3. I also use Zone Alarm and AVG, but I don't think these interfere with US. I only upgraded about a week ago. Before I have been using Apollo 3.5 and never had a problem with that version. Like you said, no data loss. Just a bit of a nuisance if you're used to gz exports... Thanks! Patricia Forgot to mention that I have no issues importing gz's that I created earlier with US Apollo 3.5!
  4. Hi, I have a problem with database exports that are gz compressed since upgrading to Uniform Server 5.1. They cannot be imported into the same or a different database. The uncompressed or zipped exports both work fine. The error message contains loads of gibberish - I tried posting it, but that didn't work... Patricia
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