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  1. raptor

    how to upgrad apache

    But I have no choice. Either I try and suceed or my site remains off line.
  2. IT security has shut me down and want me to upgrade apache from 2.0.59 to 2.0.63 or newer. How do it do this? -drl
  3. Ric, Thanks for you prompt response. Can I run 2 copies of UniformServer, one on port 80 and one on port 8080? drl
  4. I want to use both php4 and php5 on my Uniform Server. How can i configue US so I can use both versions? I want to use the extenstions *.php and *.php5 for my respective scripts.
  5. raptor

    mcrypt doesn't load

    Ric, Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! I did a clean install on another computer and all is fine. I spent almost a full day chasing over the 'net looking for mcrypt-windows solutions. One was to put in windows/system32 folder; another to use mcrypt.exe. Where did you find php_mcrypt.dll? Thanks again for your prompt help. This is my first request for help and I have been using uniformserver for about 3 years - and never needed help as it works so flawlessly- and it is great! To help support uniform server I just made a contribution via paypal and I urge all satisfied uses to do the same in support of such a great effort. -raptor
  6. raptor

    mcrypt doesn't load

    Cannot get mcrypt to load in appollo. I have : 1. download libmcrypt.dll and place it in \usr\local\php\extensions (also in windows\system32 and \usr\local\php) 2. added "extension=libmcrypt.dll" to php.ini 3. reboot help! or other encrypt-decrypt options.
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