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  1. solved it myself - you have to install Joomla with MySQL user that allows any host = % and then during Joomla webpage installation you need to set your host to : IP of server and also your link of livesite to http://IP of server/jooml website directory... then i use uniformserver to simulate joomla on windows xp and all works fine
  2. Hi, I've got similar issues with UniformServer...on local intranet.. I've got my other PC's to connect to webpage through browser to joomla website, by commenting those access permission lines in .htacess file on server, BUT: 1. All my Joomla webpage links are referenced to localhost and not the PC name or IP, so i can only view hompage. 2. Both Firefox and IE7 only shows the text of the homepage and not any graphics or conrols?? Please help me bro, it's a website for people at work in our business unit?
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