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  1. The link above is out of date. The module that is referred to has since been retired. The new url is : <a href='http://sourceforge.net/projects/mod-aspdotnet' target='asp'>http://sourceforge.net/projects/mod-aspdotnet</a> This post is just to update the link to the module, I have not determined if the instructions following the download of the module remain the same or need to be modified to accommodate the updated files.
  2. Is there a way to add ASP and ColdFusion support?
  3. As part of my process of my reloading my computer I've been trying to move my UniServer Installation from my hard drive (back) to a USB drive. When I attempt to run the server directly from the start_server.bat on the drive, i get an error that it cannot find the location requested. Yet, when I use a shortcut I created for a Uniform Server in the exact location, it works. What is going to happen when I bring the USB drive to another computer (other than my own) and attempt to run the server. An addendum...considering myself an intermediate, if not an advanced user, I frequently reassign the drive letter that is assigned to the USB drive when I use them on my computer. (In the same vein, I have found that when assigning a usb drive to "a" or "b", Windows XP "sees" it as a floppy drive.)
  4. A CSS Solution is a beginning. I've either got to find a way to precalculate the width of font for the "non-dot" text and accomodate it, using your solution, or find some way to retain the font-face yet have uniform, no pun intented, character widths. I believe somewhere within text or font attributes that there is a monospace attribute, I think the question is to whether or not the major browsers support it or not.
  5. I have to admit that the last time I asked this in a public forum, that I was responded to like a child who should know better; but, seriously I do not know how to accomplish this. I know I can create dot leaders using the str_pad function. Unless I use pre tags they don't line up. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I'm also ending up with a generic font as well. I know there is at least one, if not serveral methods of accomplishing this. I do not know any of them. Please reply with a solution and indicated if there is a php version limitation.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. Actually, my question was a two for one deal and they ran together a bit. Since I posted last, I have resolved one of my issues The mysterious operation of the server on my thumb drive I believe as linked to a vital factor which I neglected to mention in my original post. The difficulties that I was having with UniServer where while the USB Drive was connected to a 2.0 hub. My desktop has an after market USB 2.0 PCI card installed (essentially a hub) and I was attempting to run the drive off a usb hub off one of my onboard ports. Once I connected the USB drive directly into my laptop's USB Port, I succeeded in the normal operation of UniServer. During my attempts to understand the latter problem, I had thought the batch file used to start UniServer was to blame because it kept insisting drive w was busy when it wasn't. Now, as I understand it, the start.bat file makes sure that there isn't another server running and that a substituted drive isn't already into affect. Is there a way to alter the start up process to run from a Network Mapped drive W rather than using the DOS SUBST command. :angry: I hope this clears things up a bit.
  7. In the past, I haven't had problems running UniServer from whatever USB Drive I've installed it on. That is until recently. When attempting to run UniServer on any of the computers in my home network, I get the message that drive w is busy, even when I know that I haven't mapped the drive. The mystery is this, on both of the two systems, I can create a synchonized copy of the entire site (using Window's "Briefcase") or run UniServer "Stand Alone" on either computer, UniServer runs fine. To further deepen the mystery, when I go to school (college) and run UniServer off the same USB Drive that "fails" at home, the server is "pleased as punch" to run on the USB Drive as it was intended. I have seen circumstances where another server, especially if its an Apache server is already running, where UniServer will not run. However, I'm at a loss as to why on the very same computer, with no other change than moving it from the USB drive to the fixed disk, its able to run one place (on the hard drive) and not the other. As I have posed this question I may have answered my own question; but, I do want more input in regards to this difficulty. It has occurred to me if I haven't given the (on the USB Drive) Server & mySQL permission to run by either my Firewall or AntiVirus, that it could account for my being able to run it "one place" and not the "other". In a related question, I notice that the start up of UniServer creates a "virtual drive" using the DOS SUBST Command. Is it possible to allow it to run off a networked drive?
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