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  1. Hi; I do not know if my problem is php or msql problem so i am going to post as it is. I have uniform server and vbulletin installed. I attach lots of files in to my forum but i have problem when i try to install more than 1mb file size. on the attach pop up windows it shows page 404. I tried all and at the end i found i can store the file external like creating another file in to my computer and redirect the attach files in to that folder. But i don't know if the problem related to this but when i upload the files all the zip extension attachment are corrupt so its dead file. I search it and this file limit related with msql or php limit. So i have two problem first one how can i increase the msql or php limit so when i upload bigger than 1mb file in to my server it doesn't crash (i think is msql) second problem is why all the zip file extensions, after i upload them, when some one try to download they can not unzip it says the file is corrupt? many thanks cem
  2. i setup vbulletin in to my uniforum server and it is working super; but when any one get register or forum need to send email it say smtp problem on the server. I tried to setup smtp email function to my vbulletin. It was working with any email with default "port 25" but when i try to change the port it wasn't working. It took me 3 days to find out what was the problem and i find from the link below http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...entry6111 ok this is what i did; first download this files i am uploading to attachment (but if there is a problem with attach files' i will tell you the names) and you can get them link above from the ric. php_openssl.dll libeay32.dll ssleay32.dll ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- go to "\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php\extensions" folder and paste "php_openssl.dll" file. and than go to "\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php" folder and paste "libeay32.dll"&"ssleay32.dll" files. ok now you need to open "php.ini" folder in "Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php" and search for this text ";extension=php_openssl.dll " and replace with "extension=php_openssl.dll " so it will activated. this sign means";" disable or ignor. now restart your server and do the setup again from "vbulletin options/email options" for googlemail or gmail (i tested both) you need SMTP Host:smtp.gmail.com SMTP Port:465 SMTP Username:myusername@gmail.com or myusername@googlemail.com (your username what ever it is) SMTP Password: put your own password here SMTP Secure Connection: must be yes. and than save it and go to bottom of vbulletin page on the left and click on "Maintenance" and select "Diagnostics" so you can send a test mail and you can see it if its working if you still have problem go to gmail or google mail settings in to your email select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" sections and do this"1. Status: POP is enabled". good luck cem ssl.zip
  3. i am trying to setup smtp email address from googlemail. But i am doing something wrong; it gives me this error "Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to tls://smtp.googlemail.com:25 (Unable to find the socket transport "tls" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in \includes\class_mail.php on line 604 Warning: Unable to connect to SMTP server in \includes\class_mail.php on line 586" when i try to check it from "diagnostic.php?do=list" i am using vbulletin and i have been reading from all different places that it may be from the server so i am total lost in this please tell me where i am doing the mistake many thanks cem
  4. Hi; many thanks for the info & help. It has been more than 6 hours and i am getting no where. al i want is to see which page of google coming from in to my server so i don't need no web counter. if you do know please-please-please just send me the txt to wich one shell i replace please in httpd.conf many thanks cem
  5. Hi ; Is there any way that i can see the people where they come from in to my pages?? like if someone came from google search in to my website; even the page number of the google and the keyword he used!!!! I had noip with another server program and i use to see them all in the logs files. Please help if there is any way to addjust this many thanks cem
  6. How can i apply for a "Name Servers" to get one please. Like this bellow NS07.DOMAINCONTROL.COM NS08.DOMAINCONTROL.COM many thanks cem
  7. Hi; I have uniform server in my other house. I don't know what to do to access my www folder? When i access other hosting they have their ftp address (with port!!), username and password. and i normaly use ftp browser like "core ftp or cute ftp" and i get access directly in toi ,main folder. so please someone help me how to set up connection from here to other home please. Please provide all the information in the proses like if i need to edit htaccess please tell me exactly what to write as i don't know what to do many thanks cem
  8. Thank you for your fast replay specially fist day of the year I have using your server with multi url facilities, more than a year now; ozzsat.com and torun.co.uk (for testing) if you go to "http://www.rexswain.com/httpview.html" and search for this address you will see they are coming from same address and i am using uniform server and i am recommend i to anyone who ask because i am so pleased with software. but ozzsat is the website that we sell stuff so not much enemies, so i never need any firewall or anything. When i got my vbulletin and i want it to run a satellite website; i know that i will need full range of security from a to z. I do not see any reason why people may need others softwares?? when uniform can run hundres urls with single server!!!. Many thanks for your raply, i got my answer. i am downloading zone alarm and i need to find someone who knows vbulleting and security to secure my server from the ping or ddos attack or what ever they are. If you know any link or any one who can help me with that please send me the link thanks 1000000s & a happy new year cem
  9. I tried that link; i don't know why but it doesn't open in my pc; nothing happens!!. But find another way from "Attachment Storage Type" i made new folder and now all the files locate in that folder, many thanks. many thanks for your fast reply. i like to ask you another question please; i am trying to build a safe server; but i don't know much about servers. I heard ddos attack and ...... I got a cisco 837 router for security (i couldn't get it working). so i am in big mess. I went to different forums for help and they all recommend me cpanel or plesk. I like uniform server and i am getting better every day more and more so can you tell me what is the main different of this softwares please and if you do know anyone who can help me to build solid server please contact me cempriot@gmail.com please many many thanks for your help from now and happy new year cem
  10. i got vbulletin in my server and when i try to download attachment zip file it gives me error Database error in vBulletin 3.6.8: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO attachment (dateline, thumbnail_dateline, visible, userid, extension, filename, posthash, filehash, filesize, filedata) VALUES MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away Error Number : 2006 Date : Saturday, December 29th 2007 @ 02:00:12 PM Script : http://www.????????.co.uk/newattachment.ph...geattach&p= Referrer : http://www.?????????.co.uk/newattachment.p...d794e2d88e6aeea IP Address : Username : redbull Classname : vB_Database do you have any idea why this is happening please; i am trying to sort this problem 2 days without sleeping many thanks cem i mean ; when i try to upload attachment in the forum if its more than 1mb it gives me this error if its smaller than 1mb i can upload no problem
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