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  1. Well your right, its definatly not a UniServer problem. I was going to do your example to make sure it wasnt a path problem, when I got to saving the file in Notepad++ i could see the files, but I cannot see the files when going through file manager. I also noticed a 'compatibility files' button on file manager, once clicked it takes me to the folder mentioned previously. So i guess its time to read up on vistas features :/ Thanx for your quick reply
  2. Hi all, just got Uniform Server downloaded and running, very easy indeed. Although I am having a small problem with file_put_contents(). I have created a php page that generates a web site from a xml file... when I ran the script it all went ok, the files were created and could be viewed via localhost. But when I looked in the 'www' folder they didn't exsist. I finally found the files in "C:\Users\Darkr\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Uniform Server\udrive\www" So I have solved the problem, but I would prefer if the files went to uniform server's virtual drive or the install directory. Is this possible?
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