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  1. I am running tow mysql instance : 1st : mysql5.5 (by windows installer) port 3307 2nd : coral mysql port 3308 OS : windows 2003 R2
  2. Hello, I am running Coral 8.9.0 with the following my.in cfg : [mysqld] # bind-address= port=3308 server-id = 1 pid-file=mysql.pid default-storage-engine=MYISAM # skip-external-locking the problem is mysqld1.exe still listen on port 3308 with this addrs: not on ,hence I cant access mysql from remote PC. How to fix this problem How to make mysqld1.exe use this addrs : Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a domain name mydom.com hosted in afraid.org which is pointed to my PC with public ip and uniform web server , and every thing is running ok(many thanks for uniformserver developers). I want now to create new subdomain called : host1.mydom.com which will be hosted in the same uniform server and pointed to folder /www/floder1 , i created the the vhost via apanel but it is not working , so what is the wrong with that steps, is there any necessary setting in afriad.org domain panel ? Thanks.
  4. Thanks BobS, I think it support wap. It is all about mime.types Regards,
  5. hi all, can uniformserver support wap ? where can i find more info. about uniformserver wap configuration ? thanks
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