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  1. I figured it out!! For my fellow Eve Online pilots who love to use EveMon go into Tools --> Options --> Networks and uncheck the "Run IGB Mini-Server on http://localhost/" and then click OK. I personally have absolutely no clue what this "IGB Mini-Server" is, so if anyone knows please give me a heads up. Or you can just shutdown EveMon while you have UniServer running. thanks, Doug
  2. Okay, I downloaded 3.5 last week sometime, then put it on my usb drive on Tuesday. After remembering to disable IIS and also uninstall a previous apache server and Zend Studio, it FINALLY worked on Tuesday. Then, yesterday, tried starting it up again and it loads the bluish purple screen with the logo then does the redirect, however once it gets to the Apanel nothing but a blank white page. So I've been struggling yesterday and today trying to figure out whats going on to no avail. I'm running a Vista Ultimate machine (dunno if that would effect anything). I've gone through the numbers, disabling services, shutting down AV and firewalls, ending processes, stopping start up programs, ect. Nothing seems to be working. Please help. Again, I had it working on Tuesday with the Apanel coming up, but now nada. thanks, Doug
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