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  1. tarka

    Wiki Access

    Hi Tried to access the Wiki and the reply ... Followed the setup link and the reply ... Phpinfo reports the running version as 5.2.3 and therefore it should be OK. Unfortunately, the comment in the error reqarding the .php5 extension is not understood. What do I need to do to resolve this? Cheers Tarka
  2. tarka

    Forum Activity

    Hi (See Attachment) I have the questions, who has the answers? Cheers Tarka GIN002_Atth___US_Forum_Statistics.doc
  3. tarka

    just for fun

    Hi Your post is proving extremely interesting. I am looking to move to an Open Source browser in the not too distant future, and the list has raised one that they *rave* about and I have never heard of. (See Below) In view of the volume of browsers they have knowledge of, their comment is praise indeed, definitely deserves a look. I have added it to my list of potentials. Thanks Tarka
  4. Hi Ric I found your post illuminating and thought provoking. As a result it prompted the following. For the purposes of illustration I will use the Car as an example. I guess that this process started life with the Ford Sierra seeing as how I know it as the Sierra principle. It is also referred to as “Features and Options”. Its objective was to allow every vehicle going down a production line to be unique, albeit a variant of the same model. A specific model of car is sold today in many different variants, e.g. 3 engines, 3 transmissions, 3 body styles, 5 trims ..... You get the idea. If we take the numbers above 3 * 3 * 3 * 5, we finish up with 135 different end products from 14 major components. Admittedly, the numbers of variants can become massive very quickly. However, If we consider the relationship of three body styles and three engines, we have 9 interfaces, i.e. (9 different kits of parts to bolt any engine into any body shell) this is worst case, and if it happened in real life the designer would most probably be fired. If we repeat the process for the engine / transmission relationship we have a further 9 interfaces. The solution to the car build issue was the structuring of the "Bill Of Materials" eg how the parts are grouped such that a specific vehicle could be represented by a specific list of part kits. So where are we now. I believe that there is a parallel between the building of a car and a custom version of US. In building the code for US, the kits of parts = blocks of code. The difficultly lies in designing structured code that truly additive, such that it enables the total code to be amassed without gaps or overlaps. The process of mixing and matching the blocks of code can be contained in an appropriate form of conditional logic. I have seen a project run along these lines, where the source code was held in a modular form, and the final source file(s) were built using some custom code in Emacs. I am not suggesting that this process is easy, as it requires the application of automotive technology to the generation of software. However, I am convinced that it is achievable, albeit, difficult. It is worth remembering that the route to success is seldom easy. Cheers Tarka
  5. Hi Am I to late to add a comment for US Version 4, if so make this an early request for the next major release. The following suggestion is put forward from the stance of a small business user who will only have a cursory interest in the technical construction of the product and who are unlikely to have the technical expertise available to manipulate the system themselves. Therefore, any solution that makes the system customisation easier must enhance the usability and appeal of the product. It appears to me that there will always be features that some users want that US will not have, and conversely, there is a danger that features will get built in that other users would prefer not to have. A potential solution, that would also satisfy the (technically naive?) small business user, would be to provide a package that is driven by a config file that allows modules to be included / excluded dynamically, or even MS fashion at the next load. I can imagine the reaction to this suggestion as I guess this would not be an easy route to adopt. However, it would allow users to configure their system exactly as they wanted it. It would seem to me, that the addition of such a flexible mechanism would significantly enhance the appeal of Uniform Server as a product, and would allow subsequent modules to be added more readily. Consider this as a post from one of the technically niave. Cheers Tarka
  6. P001_Atth___BAS_Formation.docHi This is a survey to see how many people are interested in forming a "Business Applications" development group. Read the attachment for the detail, and hopefully I will be hearing from you. Cheers Tarka
  7. Hi Viewport is a term used to define the available space on the screen, it is the total screen resolution less the space occupied by menubars, toolbars, scroll bars etc. It a term that I have used since the 70s, but when I searched the web the current definitions do not quite stack up with my usage of the term. So maybe I have to stop using it. In any event I meant that area of the screen that is available for the browser to present data within such that it is 100% visable without scrolling the screen. Hope that helps Cheers Tarka
  8. Hi Sorry I did not make it very clear did I! Yes it is the SourceForge Nomination that you asked everyone to place their votes for. I have tried again today but it just locks up. Have to use task manager to close it. Hope that helps Cheers Tarka
  9. To olajideolaolorun For Information - I made had five attemps today to nominate Uniform Server both from the Blog and the Announcement without success. On each occassion the browser has just locked up and I have had to kill the task. Can you either sort it? or provide an alternative link? Cheers Tarka
  10. For information - I am interested to see if anyone else has had a similar experience, and also to see if it is a W2K only problem. These issues have been noted over the last 11 days of constant use. Non Standard elements I have added shortcuts from the desktop to Server.Start.bat and Stop.bat and UniServe is configured for AuthUser. Issue 1 - Consistently occurs Following the machine boot, the admin panel frequently does not load, instead you get "The page cannot be displayed". If you resubmit the page the Logon Dialog Panel appears and APanel loads OK. On the second and subsequent UniServe start / stop cycles following OS reboot everything works fine. Issue 2 - Occasionally occurs The APanel sometimes loads in a full view port window and sometimes in a part window. My preference would be for it to always load with a full view port window. Possible Solution (1) Can some Java code be added to force the window to full view port display? (2) Should a config file be added to give users the choice? The following Java code snippit is what I use to expand to a full view port. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <script type="text/javascript"> function addLoadEvent(func) { var oldonload = window.onload; if (typeof window.onload != 'function') { window.onload = func; } else { window.onload = function() { if (oldonload) { oldonload(); } func(); } } } addLoadEvent(function() { window.moveTo(0,0); window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight); } ) </script> +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See http://simonwilson.net/2004/May/26/addLoadEvent/ +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue 3 - Single occurrence Using the short cut ran "UniServeStart" the favicon screen appeared and the blanked. The Admin Panel did not appear. I tried again and got the following - +-----------------------------------------------------+ | UniServeStart | +-----------------------------------------------------+ |The disk w is busy. Use start.bat [disk letter] | | | |Press any key to continue . . . _ | +-----------------------------------------------------+ On checking the W drive already existed, hence the above message Tried to stop US using the Stop.bat short cut, there were no error messages, but the W drive remained. Resolved the problem by an OS ShutDown and Restart I am aware that issues 1 & 3 may be restricted to the W2k operating system. Thanks Tarka
  11. I have had a problem registering with this Forum. The registration process generated an error that stated my email address is already registered!? I have currently registered using the domain dump address which is the dustbin for the spam. I am, therefore, anxious to get my registration changed to my normal email address as soon as possible. The address that is already registered is of the form *my first name* [.] *my last name* [@] *my reqistered domain*, and it would be appreciated if the offending record could deleted. Thanks Tarka
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