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  1. allright so I went into my msconfig and disabled everything at startup... restarted, then ran server_start.batch and it works fine. weird.. but it's fixed...
  2. Didn't work. What am I supposed to be running first? After I restart, if I run unicontroller, i put disk W, and click yes to start mysql server.. then nothing happens. if I run disk_start.vbscript, put in disk w... pops up redirect html... but then /apanel/ is just blank. if I run server_start.batch it just says disk w is busy, or it does nothing
  3. Do you know the process name? I don't see anything about IIS in the process list... BTW... I installed uniform server 2 days ago, and the first day it worked fine. The second day it stopped working, and hasn't worked since then. Should I restart computer, maybe?
  4. i also just did another fresh install and it's still not doing anything... :-/
  5. What is IIS? I'm not sure if it's installed or not.
  6. It is not in the uninstall list. No errors... Just a blank page. PHPMyAdmin, my files.. the files that came with uniform server... Everything. Just a blank page. Doesn't give me a 404 or cannot connect though.
  7. Yes, I am useing windows xp. What is IIS? How do I know if it is on or not. I do not have any other servers running, that I'm aware of.
  8. I downloaded uniformserver3_5.exe and installed it to C:/uniformserver/ I have used this software for the last couple years and just now had to get a new computer... and it's not working. I run Disk_Start and it starts, takes me to the uniform page, then redirects me to what's supposed to be the admin panel, but it's just a plain white page. none of the files that are in my www folder all show up the same way too, just a blank white page. thanks for the help.
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