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  1. Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo, Windows XP SP2 I have installed pear along with the MDB2 package. I have a script located in w:\www that makes the call " include_once 'MDB2.php'; ". When the script is run, I get the following error Warning: include_once(MDB2.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in W:\www\index.php on line 43 Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'MDB2.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;/usr/local/PHP/includes;/usr/local/PHP/pear;/home/admin/www/plugins/pear/PEAR:W:\www') in W:\www\index.php on line 43 Fatal error: Class 'MDB2' not found in W:\www\index.php on line 44 I have checked MDB2.php and it is definitely located in the correct location (W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\PEAR\MDB2.php) Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks, Raklet
  2. Ric, Thank you very much! It is intelligent and dedicated folks like you that make the world a pleasant place. It worked a treat for me. Best Regards, Raklet
  3. Uniform server version 3.5. Windows XP SP2. I am trying to install pear. The web install just hangs (the percent complete bar doesn't even count up a bit). I downloaded the latest go-pear (1.0.2) from pear.php.net/go-pear and got the same result. I then switched to command line installation so I could perhaps get some meaningful information. I get the following: W:\usr\local\php>php.exe w:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php Welcome to go-pear! Go-pear will install the 'pear' command and all the files needed by it. This command is your tool for PEAR installation and maintenance. Use 'php w:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php local' to install a local co py of PEAR. Go-pear also lets you download and install the PEAR packages bundled with PHP: MDB2. If you wish to abort, press Control-C now, or press Enter to continue: HTTP proxy (http://user:password@proxy.myhost.com:port), or Enter for none:: Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation. To change individual locations, type the number in front of the directory. Type 'all' to change all of them or simply press Enter to accept these locations. 1. Installation prefix : W:\usr\local\php 2. Binaries directory : $prefix 3. PHP code directory ($php_dir) : $prefix\pear 4. Documentation base directory : $php_dir\docs 5. Data base directory : $php_dir\data 6. Tests base directory : $php_dir\tests 7. Temporary files directory : $prefix\temp 8. php.exe path : W:\usr\local\php\php.exe 1-8, 'all' or Enter to continue: The following PEAR packages are bundled with PHP: MDB2. Would you like to install these as well? [Y/n] : y Loading zlib: ok Downloading package: PEAR-stable......ok Downloading package: Archive_Tar-stable....ok Downloading package: Console_Getopt-stable....ok Downloading package: Structures_Graph-stable....ok Bootstrapping: PEAR...................(remote) ok Bootstrapping: Archive_Tar............(remote) ok Bootstrapping: Console_Getopt.........(remote) ok Downloading package: MDB2.............ok Extracting installer..................ok warning: pear/PEAR requires package "pear/Archive_Tar" (version >= 1.3.1) warning: pear/PEAR requires package "pear/Console_Getopt" (version >= 1.2) warning: pear/PEAR requires package "pear/Structures_Graph" (version >= 1.0.2) pear/PEAR can optionally use package "pear/XML_RPC" (version >= 1.4.0) pear/PEAR can optionally use package "pear/PEAR_Frontend_Web" (version >= 0.5.0) pear/PEAR can optionally use package "pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk" (version >= 0.4.0) Thats it. The installer just stops at that last line. It never times out and never gives an error message. The blinking cursor just sits in the DOS box as if it is waiting for something to happen. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks, Tyler
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