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  1. All, I did a search for these questions and only found a startup-related question dated 2005 for version 3.2, so let me ask here and now: I'd like to use Uniform Server for hosting an intranet Wiki for a small workgroup. As the host machine on the LAN may change from time to time, the portability of Uniform Server is very appealing. Once everything is working, I'd like it if Uniform Server (and its components) automatically started when the XP host boots, and then cleanly shuts down when the XP host shuts down or is restarted. I know I can manually kill things, but ideally, the contents of the W drive would write themselves back to their "home" before shutdown. A similar process for automatic backups would be nice too. Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish these goals? Thanks in advance, Warr
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